Schuyler County, Illinois
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W. W. Stroops

Whereas I, W. W. Stoops do further give and bequeath to my wife Emeline Two Hundred dollars to have and to use as she wishes for the present support of herself and my Son Clyde to be taken out of my personal effects and then the remainder of the money to be loaned out at the usual rate of interest. Secured by mortgages and real estate and the interest to be used by her as she wishes as long as she remains my widow and if my wife Emeline remarries then the principal & interest of the above described money goes to my son Clyde and if he should not be living to go to my next nearest of kin. In testimony whereof I have to this my last additions to my will and testament subscribed my name and affixed my seal. This the fourteenth day of February one thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty Four.
                   W W Stoops

Signed sealed and declared by the said W. W. Stoops to be his last will and Testament in presents of us who at his request and in his presents and in presents of each other we have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto.
                   B. R. Badgett
                   J. W. Chapman
                   J. D. Bowen

W. W. Stoops died on February 17, 1884 age 28 years, 10 months, 13 days

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