Abraham Hollingsworth Will

Schuyler County Documents - Last Will & Testament of
Abraham Hollingsworth, Sr.

This copy is from a photostat of the original will, filed at the office of the Schuyler County Clerk's office, Rushville.
Because of this, we cannot furnish the volume and page of the recorded will.

Meg Gentry Bookout ([email protected])

In the name of God Amen- I, ABRAHAM
HOLLINGSWORTH, Sr. a citizen of the State of Illinois and
county of Schuyler do ordain and declare this to be my last
will and testament revoking all others.

I first give will and bequeath unto JOHN and
GABRIEL HOLLINGSWORTH the east half of the South
West Quarter of section No. Six in Township Two north and
range one west it being the plantation I now live on-I also
give will and bequeath unto GABRIEL HOLLINGSWORTH
one yearling filly known by the name of the Cherokee filly. I
also give unto JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH one three year old
filly known by the name of the Warrior filly. I also give will
and bequeath unto ABRAHAM HOLLINGSWORTH Jr. fifty
dollars to be paid out of my estate. And I likewise give unto
GABRIEL HOLLINGSWORTH all my stock of Hogs and all
my stock of sheep together with all my farming utensils and
household and kitchen furniture with the exceptions of one
feather bed which I give unto my daughter ELIZABETH
RENO. I also request that JOHN and GABRIEL
HOLLINGSWORTH take my gray horse one wagon and
yoke of cattle with my old mare and one bay two years old
horse and discharge all my honest debts. And I also give
unto GABRIEL HOLLINGSWORTH one cow and calf and I
further will and bequeath unto SALLY CAMERON five
dollars unto SAMUEL HOLLINGSWORTH five dollars unto
five dollars to be paid within twelve months after my
decease. In witness of all and each of the things herein
contained I have set my hand and seal this Sixth of
December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and thirty seven.





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