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Rushville school photo of the class of 1906 (8th. grade)
In front of the Rushville Court house.
Donated by
Earl James Foster

Matilda Caroline "Callie" Jordon back row on the left is a young woman with a white bow in her hair.
She was the daughter of Henry Clay Jordon & granddaughter of John Clayton Jordon. All of Schuyler Co. IL.
Matildia married Curtis Martin Points
in the Camden area in 1910.
Curtis was the grandson of John Alvin Points and John Bowers.

Can anyone recognize any other child it this picture?


James Marion and Josephine McMillen Vance Wedding Photo
Donated by
Sherry Morell Shelts

Virgil and Viola Vance Family
Donated by
Sherry Morell Shelts

Charles Estes and Emilla Phillips Shelts
Donated by
Sherry Morell Shelts

Leonard Leon and Nettie May Vance Shelts
Donated by
Sherry Morell Shelts

Emanuel Hinderer
Born in Germany.
Emigrated to the United States in the early 1850's.
Moved  to Frederick, Illinois in 1861 from Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois

Donated by
John Gillespie

Richard Cleek Family
Lower Right: Richard Cleek
Upper Right: Viola (Cleek) Vance 
Donated by
Sherry Morell Shelts

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