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Henry Thomas Croxton Family Photo
Rushville, Illinois.
Front row (center)- Permilla Stoneking &
Henry Thomas Croxton (parents)
Front row sitting (ends) Left - Walter, Right - Leonard Croxton (sons)
Top row left to right - Bessie, Henry Arlington, Sara Etta Croxton (son & daughters)
submitted by
John Croxton


Caleb Stevens & Frederick William Croxton Photo

This tin type photo Circa 1865
Caleb Stevens (standing), and Fredrick William Croxton (sitting) both of Plesantview Illinois.
Fredrick Williams father died during the heat of the Civil War in 1862 in the Ozark Mountians in MO.
Caleb Stevens married Fredricks mother Sara Parks some 10 years later.
Caleb became the step father to Walter Croxton JR's children.
Fredrick was the eldest boy.
Submitted by
 John Croxton


Elijah Croxton Photo

This photo on left is Circa 1860 It is a Tin Type of Elijah Phipps Croxton, from Huntsville Illnois formerly of Plesantview, he and his brothers started a pottery company near Fredrick in the mid 1840s. Then he left on the Oregon trail, struck Gold in Oregon and fought indians in hand to hand combat. He died in Huntsville in 1872.
Submitted by
 John Croxton

Croxton Group Photo

Picture on right is circa 1890 seated is Fredrick Cleavland Croxton son of Ejijah (Above) His mother Hester Jane Gillenwater Croxton (wife of Elijah) Sarah may standing back left and Nancy Favoretta daughters of Elijah.
Submitted by
 John Croxton

Bessie Croxton Photo

Bessie Croxton Campbell, Daughter of Henry Thomas Croxton of Plesantview, seated with her Camel collection in Rushville Illinois Circa 1939 on her front porch.
Submitted by
 John Croxton

Walter Croxton Family Photo
On the Left is Walter Croxton ( Not Walter Enoch which he is often
confused) He is the son of Henry Thomas Croxton. In the center the
young boy is Charles Glenn Croxton, son of Leonard Croxton. Standing in
the rear to the left is Valentine Campbell and his new wife Julia
Amelia Croxton Campbell. Julia Amelia is the daughter of Walter
Croxton seated to the left. (The young lady seated to the far right is
unidentified) Photo is circa 1909.
submitted by John Croxton


Sarah Jane Croxton, Walter A. Croxton, & Sampson B. Croxton Photo

To the left is Sarah Jane Croxton, Daughter of Thomas F. Croxton Sr. Seated next to her is her eldest brotherWalter A. Croxton who was stricken with Atrophic Paralysis early in life as seen in this tin type photograph. Standing to the right is Sampson B. Croxton, son of Elijah P. Croxton. This photograph was taken at Fort Vannoy in Grants Pass Oregon in 1856
during the Indian uprising in Southern Oregon. Sampson died eight years later when he was captured during the Civil War. He became very Ill and passed away in his fathers arms in a Confederate hospital near Memphis TN.  He was a Union Soldier, Company F, 119th Illinois Volunteers.
Photo contributed by John Croxton, Davenport Iowa. 

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