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Sarah Etta Croxton Quinn & Delford Quinn

Sarah Etta Croxton Quinn and her son Delford This photo was taken in1918.
She is the daughter of Thomas Henry & Amelia Stoneking Croxton. Sarah married
John Owen Quinn November 27th 1895. He was 19 years older than she was.
Sarah was 14 years old when she was married, John Quinn was 33 years old and
together they raised 12 children and had a happy life in Schuyler county.
Photo submitted by John Croxton. [email protected]


Frederick Cleveland Croxton 

Frederick Cleveland Croxton, son of Elijah & Hester
Croxton. This photograph was taken in 1927 by Frederick son, Frank
Cutshaw Croxton. Seen here sitting on the running board of his new 1927
Chrysler Imperial. He was born and raised in Schuyler County Illinois.
He came to greatness in his lifetime and became one of Americas first
statistician's, He worked for President Herbert Hoover during his
Presidency and they had become close friends. He was in charge of the
world food program, became a Governmental Arbitrator for American
Companies settling many hundreds of labor disputes around the country.
He worked in many other divisions of Government not mentioned here.
Among them the Red Cross and the Social Security Program. He was known
as a wonderful and faithful Christian man who stayed true to his faith
until his death. Born May 3rd 1871- Died April 3rd 1960. His life story
and biography can be found by this contributor: John Croxton:
[email protected]


Thomas Frederick Croxton Farm

This photograph is dated around 1865. It is of the farm of Thomas Frederick Croxton, son of Walter Sr. and Margaret Griffin Croxton. The family settled in Schuyler county after emigrating from Staffordshire England. Thomas, his father and two brothers Elijah, and Walter Jr. started a pottery 2 1/2 miles north of Pleasantview Illinois and became very successful. But during the 1849-50 Gold Rush the family decided to cross the Oregon Trail in April of 1852. This photograph is of his ranch in what is now Grants Pass Oregon. Thomas is accredited for being the founding father of the town that today has over 20,000 inhabitants. He had built another home nearby in which he and his wife Hanna Box Croxton only lived there a little over a year before their deaths. The Victorian home on Washington Street became a bed and breakfast and in 1994 Meryl Streep stayed there during the filming of "The River Wild."
Photo contributed by John Croxton. [email protected]

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