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Reverend Thomas Croxton

Reverned Thomas F. Croxton was taken by the infamous "Peter Britt." The photo was taken in
1867 in Oregon. Peter Britt was the most famous photographer of the 1800s. The photograph is
thought to be in Thomas Croxtons home, but this fact is not certain.
Photo submitted by John Croxton. [email protected]


Charlotte Croxton Olivant 

Charlotte Croxton emigrated from England with her brothers and sisters and her husband Thomas Delves Ollivant. She had two children in England before leaving to America. (George & Lavina) Lavina only lived 18 months, her death certificate read: Died while cutting teeth. Charlotte married Thomas D. Ollivant March 6th 1837. She Crossed the ocean with her two sister in laws aboard the ship The Brig Planter" in 1843. Charlotte was the eldest child of Walter & Margaret Croxton of staffordshire England, her parents arrived in America the following year. They first settled in St. Louis Missouri and soon to Alton Illinois. In 1846 she and her husband Thomas moved to Pleasantview Illinois in Schuyler County. He worked with Walter Croxton and his sons at the Croxton Pottery. In 1852 they left Pleasantview for the Oregon Trail and the Gold Rush. Charlotte and her husband settled on Ten Mile Prairie on a sprawling ranch in Southern Oregon. Their decendants still remain in the same area, called Lookingglass. These chaulk drawings were made shortly after their arrival during the indian wars of 1856. Thomas built a fort on his property which saved the lives of many residents during the bloodshed. Their remarkable story can be found in the book: "Beyond Tinkersclough." By John G. Croxton ..... [email protected]

Thomas Delves Olivant


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