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Joel E. Croxton Family: 1916 Schuyler County Illinois

Left to right:
Vivian Cecil Crandall (Mabel Nina Croxton's husband)
Della Ethel Croxton, daughter of Joel E & Josephine Croxton
Evelyn Crandall, Della & Robert Crandall's daughter

Seated: Uncle Eddie Crandall Holding Joel Ivan Crandall
Mabel Nina Croxton Crandall
Joel E. Croxton & wife Josephine A. Croxton
In front of them the young boy is Robert Lawerence Crandall, son of
Della & Robert Croxton

Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]



Josephine A. Byrns Croxton. Wife of Joel E. Croxton 1918 & grandchildren

Photo 1918 ( This picture was taken in Kansas)

Back Row:
Robert Crandall
Grandmother of these children: Josephine A. Croxton
Ivan Crandall

Front Row, left to right:
Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]


A rare photograph of Thomas Croxton dated around 1865-68

This is a digital scanned photograph, taken by the most famous photographer of the 1800s. "Peter Britt!" This is Thomas Croxton, The rancher, the circut riding preacher, the Gold miner, the wagon master whon led his family across the Oregon trail. He started a post office, He owned and operated a stage station, a ferry business and so much more. He settled in Pleasantview Illinois after emigrating from England in 1842. Then headed west during the Gold rush.

Thanks must be given to the Historians: Darrell and Margaret Stafford of Grants pass Oregon and the Southern Oregon Historical Society in Medford.

Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]

The Lewis B. Skiles Family of Rushville Illinois

Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]

Henry Arlington Croxton Born on September 10th 1877--- Died September 4th 1915
He is the Son of Henry Thomas and Permilla Jane {Stoneking} Croxton 

Henry was married to Amanda Ellen Thompson December 21st 1898 and to this union they had 5 children. Henry was a coal miner in Schuyler County. He died of an appendicitis attack, it was said he was flying a kite with his children when he fell backwards over a log. He was 38 years old.
His grandfather Walter Croxton Jr. immigrated from England and started a pottery in Pleasantview with his father; Walter Croxton and his brothers Thomas and Elijah.
Not Long after his death, his nephew, Charles Glenn Croxton created a porcelain headstone for Henry
never has a porcelain headstone ever been made until now.

Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]

During the Gold Rush of 1849-1850s many of the residents of Schuyler County Illinois left their logs homes and headed west in the great migration. Thomas Fredrick Croxton was one such wagon Master who lead his family and friends out west. Many died along the way and their was much suffering. Here is shown a photo of early morning encampment along the trail while everyone sleeps.
A close look reveals hundreds of wagons on the distance hills and in the valley. It is unknown as of the date of this photo.

Photo contributed by
John G. Croxton.  [email protected]


Left is: Murlen Walter Croxton {nicknamed Jack} He is the son of Henry Arlington Croxton
           Jack became a truck driver and had married Mary Virgina Phillips December 23rd
           1920. Together they had 11 children.
On Right: Loyd Phillips, Murlens brother in law.
Photo is thought to be around 1915.
Submitted by John Croxton
 [email protected]

From left standing: Alice Phillips Breedon, Helen Phillips, and Mary Virginia Phillips Croxton.
Sitting in front is their young brother, Loyd Phillips  
Photo is thought to be around 1912 or about the time of world war one.
Submitted by: John Croxton
 [email protected]


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