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Abbott Family (This photo was taken sometime between 1901 and 1904 as Ephraim Thatcher Abbott died in May of 1904 and David C Abbott appears to be at least 10 years old and he was born in 1891.)

Caroline & Daniel Bathaleen
Carson & Effie Beckerdite
Edna & Edna Mae Beckerdite
Effie Beckerdite
Emma Hinderer Black
Hubert Black
Ruth Black
Walter A. Black
Myrtle McCullough Bossong
Edward John Brickell
Hulda Brickle (nee Gragg)
Alpheus Brown
Rhonda Brown
Ziba Brown

Sally Clark
Richard Cleek Family

Jane Pence (Elser) Cornman

Lewis Cornaman
Samuel Wallace Corman
Joseph Cragg (aka: Joesph Gragg)
Dean Crandall
Evelyn Crandall
Ivan Crandall
Lucile Crandall
Mabel Nina Croxton Crandall
Robert Lawrence Crandall
Robert Crandall
Uncle Eddie Crandall
Bessie Croxton
Charles Glenn Croxton
Charles & Miriam K. Croxton
Charlotte Croxton Olivant
Della Croxton
Elijah Phipps Croxton
Elijah Phipps Croxton (2)
Frederick Cleveland Croxton
Frederick Cleavland Croxton
Frederick William Croxton (1)
Frederick William Croxton (2)
Hanna (nee Box )Croxton
Henry Thomas Croxton(1)
Henry Thomas Croxton
Hester Jane Gillenwater Croxton (1)
Hester Jane Gillenwater Croxton (2)
Joel Dwight Croxton Family
Joel Ewrin Croxton (1)
Joel Erwin Croxton (2)
Joel E. Croxton
Josephine A. Croxton
Josephine A. Croxton
Julia Amelia Croxton(1)
Julia Amelia Croxton(2)
Margaret Croxton
Margaret Elizabeth Croxton
Myrice Spoonamore Croxton
Nancy Favoretta Croxton
Orson Croxton
Permilla Stoneking Croxton
Robert Croxton
Sampson B. Croxton
Sarah Croxton
Sarah Etta Croxton Quinn
Sarah Jane Croxton(1)
Sarah Jane Croxton (2)
Thomas Croxton Family
Thomas Croxton Farm
Thomas Frederick Croxton
Walter Croxton Family
Walter A.Croxton
Walter Enoch Croxton, Jr.,

Jane Dean (nee Gragg)
Alva Dunlavy
John Atwell Dunlavy



Garrett Family
Hezikiah Gragg
Joseph Gragg (aka: Joseph Cragg )
Joseph Gragg & Wife
Joseph Gragg & Wife
Rachel Gragg

Amanda Hardin
Will Hardin
Dorcas Corman Herche (neePickinpaugh)
Herren Reunion
Adrian Hinderer
Alice May Hinderer (nee Hunt)(abt. 1900)
Arlie Hinderer
Arlie Grover Hinderer (1917)
Edward Blaine Hinderer (abt. 1926)
Emanuel Hinderer
Ernest Hinderer (abt. 1947)
Grove & Alice Hinderer Family(abt. 1935)
Grove & Ernest Hinderer (abt. 1920)
Juanita Hinderer (abt. 1935)
Margaret Emma Cline Hinderer (1917)
Margaret Emma Cline Hinderer (1920)
Etta Brown Hinderer
Margaret Schmidt Hinderer
Opal Marie Hinderer (abt. 1923)
William Hinderer
Alice Hinderer (nee Hunt) Family(abt. 1900)
Emmaline Hunt (nee Twombley) Family(abt. 1935)


Florence Black Ideus



Bill Kehr

Alex and Elizabeth Lenover
Benjamin and Rose Ward Lenover
Ross and Sina Keown Lenover


Aurelious Mace
Annie Flint McCullough
Anna May McCullough
Carlton McCullough
Hugh McCullough
William Edward McCullough
Emamuel Hinderer Messerer
Alma Elliete & Margaret Miller
M. Maude Moore
Alta Floy Morehead
Mystery Photo Gallery



Thomas Delves Olivant

Guy Pickinpaugh
Helena Fey Pickinpaugh (nee Munson)
John Pickingpaugh
Marion & Julia Pickinpaugh
Marion Pickinpaugh Family
Marion Pickinpaugh Family (again)
Mary Pickinpaugh (nee Large)
Minerva Pickinpaugh
Pickingpaugh Motors(1921)


Sarah Etta Croxton Quinn
Delford Quinn


Charles Estes & Emilla Phillips Shelts
Leonard Leon & Nettie Mary Vance Shelts
Phillip Shelts
Moses Skiles
Myrice Spoonamore
Caleb Stevens
Cornelius Stevens
Permilla Stoneking


Alma Thornton
Brandford & Emerson Thornton
Emmaline Hunt (nee Twombley) Family(abt. 1935)

Unidentified toddler
Unidentified toddler back
Unknown Mystery Photo Gallery

James Marion & Josephine McMillen Vance
Virgil & Viola Vance Family

George Thomas & Ermine Whitson
Lewis Whitson
Johnson David & Luttie Carter Whited
Johnson David Whited
Whited Reunion
Willis, Margurette (nee Woods)
Woods, Nathan Perrin
Woods, Nathan Perrin & Sophia (nee Davis)
Delilah Jane Tipton Wyand




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