Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 1 – 7



Page 1
1male Serrott21 Nov. 1877, Bainbridge Tp.Eliza Ann (Hosmer) SerrottGeorge Leonard Serrott
2Amos Jefferson Weddle5 Aug. 1877, Browning Tp.Addeline Eliza (Jackson) WeddleAbraham C. Weddle
3Annie May Loring5 Sep. 1877, Browning Tp.Georgia (Richards) LoringAbraham Loring
4Clifford A. Sipes11 Sep. 1877, Rushville Tp.Harriet E. (Sargent) SipesJohn C. Sipes
5Everet Hinton2 Oct. 1877, PleasantviewAdeline (Wampler) HintonCharles Hinton
Nancy Marinda Stevens10 Oct. 1877, Bainbridge Tp.Nancy A. (Smith) StevensCalvin R. Stevens
7Ross Rebman11 Oct 1877, PleasantviewEmma E. (Stoneking) RebmanJohn A. Rebman, Jr.
8Sara Gertrude Parks27 Oct. 1877, PleasantviewMartha J. (Allen) ParksThomas Parks
9Cifford Black24 Oct 1877, Frederick Tp.Mary J. (Rebman) BlackAbraham Black
10Cora Orr22 Oct. 1877, Bainbridge Tp.Margaret E. (Bolin) OrrHenry Orr
11Mary Clorinda Louisa Jane Starr21 Oct. 1877, RushvilleDora Ann (Silely?) StarrWilliam H. Starr
12Adda Gragg31 Oct. 1877, BainbridgeMargaret Jane (Kirkham) GraggJoseph Gragg
13Jesse Leonone Thompson (female)9 Nov. 1877, Browning Tp.Nancy M. (Skiles) ThompsonJoseph Thompson
Page 2
14Robert Clay Tyson16 Nov. 1877, Browning Tp.Mary Ann (Cooney) TysonJohn Tyson
15Roy Whalen18 Nov. 1877, Rushville Tp.Elisabeth (Sherill) WhalenWilliam A. Whalen
16Flora Dougherty22 Nov. 1877, Rushville Tp.Nancy Ellen (Quinn) DoughertyWilliam Charles Dougherty
17James Oliver Peters7 Dec. 1877, Frederick Tp.Francis Eliza (Jenkins) PetersIra Peters
18Lotta May Gray17 Dec. 1877, Camden Tp.Hannah (Hickey) GrayDrury Bell Gray
19Mark Lincoln21 Nov. 1877, Littleton Tp.Ala (Bartlett) LincolnThos. Jefferson Lincoln
20Maggie Roudybush5 Dec. 1877, Oakland Tp.Hannah (Finkenbinder) RoudybushJohn Roudybush
21Barbary Ellen Stockwell11 Dec 1877, Rushville Tp.Mary M. (Roudabush) StockwellMarion Francis Stockwell
22James Burton Butler20 Dec. 1877, PleasantviewClara (Sheldon) ButlerJames Madison Butler
23William Roudabush2 Nov. 1877Siota RoudabushGeorge W. Roudabush
24male9 Dec. 1877, Brooklyn Tp.James Groves
25 male Robinson20 Dec. 1877, Brooklyn Tp.A. J. (King) RobinsonMarion Robinson
26Grace Duncan Cameron12 Dec. 1878Mary Henryetta (Corbridge) CameronDavid Henderson Cameron
Page 3
27male Price[no date], Camden Tp.Margaret Jane (Gillespie) PriceJohn Price
28Thomas Curtis Trone1 Jan. 1878, RushvilleNancy (Hickerson) TroneWilliam Trone
29Albert & Alfred Young (twins)28 Oct. 1877, WoodstockCornelia P. (Walters) YoungGeorge Young
30male Starr[no date], BuenaVista Tp.Sarah StarrHenry Starr
31female McCreery2 Jan. 1878, LittletonMary E. (McNeely) McCreeryRobert H. McCreery
32male Moore27 Dec. 1877, Buenavista Tp.Permelia (Garrison) MooreCharles H. Moore
33male Holms11 Jan. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Lydia Ann (Smith) HolmsJames Holms
34male Fowler14 Jan. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Caroline FowlerGeorge Fowler
35Frederick B[u?]ton Elgin9 Jan. 1878, RushvillePaulina Phoeba (Alexander) ElginGustavis Elgin
36female Newell22 Dec. 1877, WoodstockRhoda Adelade (Stutsman) NewellCalvin Dean Newell
37Earl Thompson Linder10 Dec. 1877, RushvilleLuella (Thompson) LinderWilliam Linder
38 female1 Jan. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Sophia (King) Reed
39female Moore27 Dec. 1877, Huntsville Tp.Ruth A. (Graham) MooreFlemming Moore
Page 4
40Barton Chadsey Harmon17 July 1877, Schuyler Co.Jerusha (Chadsey) HarmonStanfield P. Harmon
41Albert McKenna13 Aug. 1877, Oakland Tp.Ruth (Garrett) McKennaJames McKenna
42Mary Spencer14 Aug. 1877, Buenavista Tp.Mary Francis (Drake) SpencerJohn William Spencer
43Anna Lotta Tipton14 Sep. 1877, Littleton Tp.Lydia Ann (Kimmel) TiptonHenry Tipton
44Margaret Bly13 Sep. 1877, Oakland Tp.Isabel (McMillon) BlyWilliam Fletcher Bly
45Eliza Wilson16 Sep. 1877, Littleton Tp.Elizabeth (Smith) WilsonWilliam T. Wilson
46male Finch21 Sep. 1877, Buenavista Tp.Sarah Francis (Cox) FinchRobert Fochen (?) Finch
47Peter Parker Starr1 Oct. 1877, Rushville Tp.Amanda Jane (Chapman) StarrEdward Starr
48Mary Nova Runkle5 Oct. 1877, LittletonCarrie L. (Snyder) RunkleJoseph Runkle
49Helen Edna Seeley8 Oct. 1877, LittletonMaria Cynthia (Davis) SeeleyLewis Cass Seeley
50 female Wells20 Oct. 1877, Littleton Tp.Ellen (Robertson) WellsDavid Wheeler Wells
51Charles Everet Diseron16 Nov. 1877, Schuyler Co.Laura Bell (Hill) DiseronHudson Diseron
52Hellen Marion Roberts22 Nov. 1877, Littleton Tp.Sarah Elizabeth (Ballou) RobertsWilliam C. Roberts
Page 5
53female Bly23 Nov. 1877, Schuyler Co.Elizabeth Ann (Jones) BlyAbraham Bly
54Oel Dyson Ross25 Nov. 1877, LittletonMary Jane (Peckenpaugh) RossJohn Henry Ross
55female Lawler4 Dec. 1877, Woodstock Tp.Eliza Manerva (Welker) LawlerGeorge Washington Lawler
56Henry Edward Kimmel28 Dec. 1877, Schuyler Co.Jane (Salisbury) KimmelHenry Kimmel
57female Daniels10 Jan. 1878, Littleton Tp.Hannah Maria (Lawler) DanielsWilliam Samuel Daniels
58Charles Augustus Boice10 Jan. 1878, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth J. (Whitsel) BoiceJohn H. Boice
59Mary Olive Cunningham11 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Caroline Matilda (Thompson) CunninghamJoseph Cunningham
60Winnie K. Young11 Jan. 1878, FrederickEmma J. (Lane) YoungWilliam E. Young
61male Hamilton11 Jan. 1878, Browning Tp.Sophia C. (Blodgett) HamiltonWilliam H. Hamilton
62Margaret Ellen Edwards13 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Maria A. (Croxton) EdwardsJoshua Edwards
63Perlie Elizabeth Vance19 Jan. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Dora (Deane) VanceElijah Vance
64Minnie Ethel Goldsborough23 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Suddith) GoldsboroughThomas Jefferson Goldsborough
65Lotta Decker31 Dec. 1877, RushvilleMary H. DeckerSemore Decker
Page 6
66Henry Ralph Reed16 Jan. 1878, RushvilleAdda SmithReuben E. Reed
67Charles Wesley Clark30 Jan. 1878, LittletonTabitha H. (Akers) ClarkWilliam Summerfield Clark
68Salina Rose Ann Suddith20 Jan. 1878Mary Eleanor (Clark) SuddithWillis Suddith
69female Brooks29 Jan. 1878, Camden Tp.Mary Angeline (Noble) BrooksJames Edward Brooks
70Margaret Ann Kinman8 Jan. 1878, Camden Tp.Louisa (Kitzenberger) KinmanJohn S. Kinman
71female Marlow5 Jan. 1878, Camden Tp.Margaret (Rice) MarlowLevi S. Marlow
72female Potts30 Jan. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Mary Jane (Hudson) PottsWilliam Wesley Potts
73male14 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.George Annie Black
74male Lamaster28 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Lucy (Randall) LamasterFranklin Lamaster
75Myrtle Ethel Lawler6 Jan. 1878, BainbridgeAnn Josaphine (Lawler) LawlerAlbert Brown Lawler
76Myrtle May Boucer16 Jan. 1878, RushvilleSarah Catherine (Quinn) BoucerHenry Boucer
77male Cooper8 Feb. 1878, BainbridgeEmily Jane (Hendricks) CooperWilliam Allen Cooper
78Eliza Jane McCombs9 Feb. 1878, BrowningSophiah (Tyler) McCombsWilliam John McCombs
Page 7
79male Horton21 Jan. 1878, Hickory Tp.Mahala (Fisher) HortonAbram Horton
80male Cor22 Jan. 1878, HuntsvilleHarriet S. (Markes) CorHorace Cor
81male Hefner20 Jan. 1878, Rushville Tp.Emaline (Lau) HefnerSamuel H. Hefner
82Etta Clarrisa Hedrick13 Feb. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Mary A. (Lewton) HedrickJames Madison Hedrick
83Oscar Prunty12 Feb. 1878, Camden Tp.Mary Elizabeth ButtlerRobert C. Prunty
84Hiram Edward Geer2 Feb. 1878, BrowningRosetta (Rebman) GeerSidney A. Geer
85male Smedley29 Jan. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Florence A. (Newberry) SmedleyThomas J. Smedley
86male Mitchell20 Feb. 1878, Frederick Tp.Rebecca J. (Hardin) MitchellAllfonzo Mitchell
87Hulda Nora Moork12 Feb. 1878, RushvilleHulda Louisa (Fredredson) MoorkChristian Erichosan Moork
88Richard G. Rose30 Jan. 1878, RushvilleEmma Catherine (Noble) RoseRobert Madison Rose
89male Thomas28 Feb. 1878, FrederickMargret Susan (Cox) ThomasShoot Thomas
90John D. Lawler21 Feb. 1878, BainbridgeMary (OConnor) LawlerJohn Hugh Lawler
91Wilseanna Walton12 Feb. 1878, BrowningSophiah (Cloud) WaltonAbel G. Walton

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