Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 71 – 77



Page 71
900female Ray19 May 1880, Hickory Tp.Aramintha (Kelly) RayIsaac Ray
901male Ridings7 Jun. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Margaret (Paisly) RidingsJames Egbert Ridings
902Mable Edith Mason25 Jun. 1880Ann (Root) MasonWilliam E. Mason
903female Davis16 Jul. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Hannah Arminda GreeneDavid G. P. Davis
904male Hellyar14 Jul. 1880, BrooklynKate (Dunlavy) HellyarGeo. Hellyar
905male Curtis17 Jul. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Lucinda (Willey) CurtissJohn Curtis
906Josaphine Frakes7 Jul. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Rebecca Jane (Stoneking) FrakesJohn Henry Frakes
907Emma Elizabeth Parsons10 Jul. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Elisabeth C. (Pruett) ParsonsJacob B. Parsons
908Thomas Jefferson Powell8 Jul. 1880, Hickory Tp.Eliza Jane (Tire) PowellJohn Roach Powell
909Birtha Hollingsworth19 Jun. 1880, BrowningLaura Amanda (Lancaster) HollingsworthAbram Hollingsworth
910male Baley[no date], BirminghamMary J. (Milton) BaleyJohn H. Baley
911Bertha Hanning24 J [sic] 1880, Birmingham Tp.Martha P. (Henderson) HanningRobert Hanning
Page 72
912Stilla Bates7 May 1880, Browning Tp.Agnus (Campbell) BatesJohn W. Bates
913male Allphin25 Jul. 1880, HuntsvilleAtlanta (Wilson) AllphinGeorge Allphin
914James Wardell5 Jul. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Nancy J. (Robins) WardellFrancis M. Wardell
915Frank Moork16 May 1880, RushvilleHuldah Louisa (Frederickson) MoorkChristian Moork
916female5 Aug. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Isabella (Vancleave) FarrarJames W. Farrer
917female Knowles22 May 1880, Rushville (Buenavista Tp.) [sic]Louisa Eugenia (Bracken) KnowlesJohn Henry Knowles
918female Frakes10 Jul. 1880, BrooklynMary Jane (Hillyer) FrakesHenry Frakes
919female Harris9 Aug. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Maggie I. (Miller) HarrisJohn Jackson Harris
920male Cooper3 Aug. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Malissa (Harris) CooperLewis M. Cooper
921Seth Victor Jackson24 Jun. 1880, RushvilleMary Ann (Greer) JacksonFelix Jackson
922male Elgin18 Jul. 1880, RushvilleEmma (Blodgett) ElginFrancis Oliver Elgin
923male Caldwell3 Aug. 1880, Littleton Tp.Jennie (Horton) CaldwellJames Caldwell
Page 73
924female Patterson13 Aug. 1880, Rushville Tp.Lydia Ann (Martin) PattersonHugh Patterson
925male Pittinger5 Aug. 1880, Oakland Tp.Sarah Ellen (Sullivan) PittengerJohn Henry Pittinger
926Susan Sanders Sweeney5 Aug. 1880, Ray StationAmelia L. (Wilson) SweeneyJohn L. Sweeney
927Trifena Ann Lancaster7 Jul. 1880, Browning Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Samson) LancasterThomas H. B. Lancaster
928Ethel Sargent23 Jun. 1880, Rushville Tp.Nancy E. (Stockwell) SargentJohn S. Sargent
929John Andrew Williams17 Aug. 1880, BrooklynHarriet Amanda (Willis) WilliamsFrancis Yore Williams
930male Shoffner7 Aug. 1880, CamdenMary Catherine (Brown) ShoffnerAlbert Shoffner
931female Cleek29 Aug. 1880, CamdenIsabella (Wier) CleekMarcellus Cleek
932John Edgar Robbins21 Aug. 1880, CamdenSarah Ann (Logston) RobbinsFrancis Robbins
933Albert Hays30 Jul. 1880, Browning Tp.Sarah (Stambaugh) HaysGeorge Hays
934female Blankenship17 Aug. 1880, BrowningMary Jennetta (Vaughn) BlankenshipJohn Flavel Blankenship
935female Lowderman28 Aug. 1880, Oakland Tp.Barbra Ann (Rader) LowdermanLouis Lowderman
Page 74
936Cora Etta Ward20 Aug. 1880, BainbridgeEmily (Davis) WardMajor A. Mard
937male Parks9 Jul. 1880, Hickory Tp.Grace F. (Price) ParksGeo. R. Parks
938female Carey9 Aug. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Elsie Jane (Pruett) CareyGeo. W. Carey
939Guy Secil Hamilton Frisby25 Aug. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Mary (Lawler) FrisbyWm. Vanziant Frisby
940Everett Stambaugh2 Aug. 1880, Rushville Tp.Louisa (Lashmet) StambaughMichael Stambaugh
941Walter Jones Ashley28 Aug. 1880, RushvilleEmma (Moork) AshleyRobert S. Ashley
942Warren Toy27 Jul. 1880, RushvilleJulia A. (Cornman) ToyValentine Toy
943William Bartlett Lawler18 Aug. 1880, Rushville Tp.Maria E. (Greer) LawlerCharles E. Lawler
944Jessie Doyle4 Sep. 1880, LittletonMary Jane (Greene) DoyleWilliam Herbert Doyle
945Nellie Ethel Stover3 Aug. 1880, RushvilleBettie (Hawkins) StoverOscar A. Stover
946William H. Harrison7 Sep. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Edith (Irvin) HarrisonElisha Harrison
947Grace Lea Davenport11 Sep. 1880, Ray StationAnsilla (Lea) DavenportNathaniel Thomas Davenport Jr.
Page 75
948Edwin Perle Rebman4 Aug. 1880, Rushville Tp.Emma Elizabeth (Stoneking) RebmanJohn A. Rebman
949male Baker4 Sep. 1880, BrowningEdith Dele (Duncan) BakerJerome Bonepart Baker
950James Franklin Kelly29 Aug. 1880, Hickory Tp.Emily (Kelly) KellyJames Monroe Kelly
951Laura Malinda Phillips28 Jul. 1880, Buenavista Tp.Huldah E. (Knowles) PhillipsTheodore Phillips
952James W. Bruner1 Jul. 1880, WoodstockMary Ann (Sigler) BrunerJames R. Bruner
953Clarence Dudley Rinehart10 Sep. 1880, WoodstockMary O. (Corban) RinehartJohn W. Rinehart
954Ada Lyle Seeley26 Sep. 1880, LittletonMaria Cynthia (Davis) SeeleyLewis C. Seeley
955Charles M. Bader3 Sep. 1880, Baders StationWillie A. (Purdy) BaderS. D. Bader
956child Merritt23 Aug. 1880, BainbridgeSarah (Bridgewater) MerrittCalvin Merritt
957male Post26 Aug. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.(Ingles) PostLewis W. Post
958female Ward27 Aug. 1880, BainbridgeMartha (Dodd) WardJackson Ward
959female Kirkham5 Sep. 1880, BainbridgeMary C. (Tyson) KirkhamZachariah T. Kirkham
Page 76
960male Bridgewater20 Sep. 1880, BainbridgeEliza Jane (Robinson) BridgewaterFranklin Bridgewater
961male Meacham1 Oct. 1880, BrooklynMargaret (Bealcher) MeachamHiram Meacham
962Bessie Maria Curtis4 Sep. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Nancy Ellen (Frakes) CurtisGeo. W. Curtis
963female Wells16 Jul. 1880, Camden Tp.Florence Rosetta (Miserv) WellsJames Franklin Wells
964Walter Whitson Lawson26 Jul. 1880, Camden Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Weightman) LawsonJoseph Robert Lawson
965male James13 Sep. 1880, CamdenSarah E. (Brown) JamesWilliam B. James
966female Carnes3 Oct. 1880, Camden Tp.Mary Alice (Higgins) CarnesLewis Thomas Carnes
967female Milby4 Oct. 1880, Huntsville Tp.Lois Lora (Campbell) MilbyNathaniel James Milby
968male Burton16 Oct. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Eliza (Rigsbee) BurtonJames E. Burton
969male Waymack3 Oct. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Owens) WaymackJohn L. Waymack
970Lulu Blanche Stoker24 Sep. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Rhoda (Weaver) StokerUell Stoker
971male Lowderman18 Jun. 1880, LittletonMary (Todd) LowdermanCommodore Lowderman
972female Horton5 May 1880, LittletonElizabeth (Spragg) HortonJosiah Horton
Page 77
973male Horney17 May 1880, LittletonElizabeth (Sellers) HorneySamuel Madison Horney
974male Garrett24 Aug. 1880, LittletonMary (Loring) GarrettBryant Garrett
975male Dewitt15 Aug. 1880, LittletonEliza (Bear) DewittJames Marshall Dewitt
976female Horney22 Sep. 1880, LittletonAnna (Park) HorneyJefferson Horney
977male Houk1 Nov. 1880, HuntsvilleElizabeth Frances (Sims) HoukIsaac Houk
978female Stratton11 Oct. 1880, CamdenEliza Jane (Carnes) StrattonFranklin Stratton
979female Stambaugh23 Oct. 1880, Browning Tp.Mary A. (Bryant) StambaughAbraham Stambaugh
980female Roberts18 Sep. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Martha (Jones) RobertsRich Roberts
981female Fowler30 Sep. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Sarah Alice (Baily) FowlerGeorge Fowler
982male Fowler5 Oct. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Mary E. (Burnett) FowlerThomas Fowler
983female Black8 Nov. 1880, Littleton Tp.Caroline (Colleasure) BlackWilliam H. Black
984male Shank7 Nov. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Josaphine (Croyles) ShankAlbert Taylor Shank
985female Hightower16 Nov. 1880, Littleton Tp.Mary J. (Glandon) HightowerJames H. Hightower

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