Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 1 – 7

Page 1
2014female Luthy11 Nov. 1885, RushvilleMay Melissa (Walters) LuthyJoseph Wm. Luthy
2015male Neiman2 Sep. 1885, RushvilleAnna Maria (Clark) NeimanHenry A. Neiman
2016George William Montooth15 Oct. 1885, RushvilleAnna Belle (Colt) MontoothJames Montooth
2017male Newell29 Sep. 1885, Woodstock Tp.Dora (Gragg) NewellJonathan H. Newell
2018male Miller29 Sep. 1885, Rushville Tp.Marietta (Underwood) MillerMarion Miller
2019Dwight M. Young28 Sep. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Elizabeth (Dewitt) YoungJohn A. Young
2020female Teel6 Sep. 1885, Rushville Tp.Amanda Melvina (Martin) TeelFrancis M. Teel
2021male Byers28 Aug. 1885, Woodstock Tp.Naomi (Persinger) ByersHenderson Byers
2022Ida Tucker16 Aug. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Mary E. (Hodges) TuckerJames E. Tucker
2023Pearl Anne Coffman7 Aug. 1885, RushvilleElizabeth (Cole) CoffmanRobert Coffman
2024Lewis Calvin Mullens16 Jan. 1886, RayHenretta (Caster) MullensThomas Jefferson Mullens
2025William Silas Tweedwell2 Dec. 1885, HuntsvilleVesta (Kirkham) TweedwellMatthew Tweedwell
2026male Davis26 Dec. 1885, CamdenSarah E. (Whiteman) DavisGeorge W. Davis
Page 2
2027female Croxton28 Nov. 1885, HuntsvilleJosephine A. (Byrns) CroxtonJoel E. Croxton
2028Chlora Cleek29 Mar. 1886, CamdenNancy (Wells) CleekRichard F. Cleek
2029male Lawson26 Dec. 1885, CamdenNettie (Marlow) LawsonJames Lawson
2030Levi Carl Marlow26 Jan. 1886, CamdenMargaret (Rice) MarlowLevi Marlow
2031male Lawson26 Dec. 1885, CamdenNettie (Marlow) LawsonJames Lawson
2032John McHenry6 Mar. 1886, Browning Tp.Ann (Ruark) FrewAlexander Frew
2033Clara Etta Switzer5 Feb. 1886, Browning Tp.Alice Victoria (Moul) SwitzerWalter Switzer
2034William Roswell Jennings17 Feb. 1886, Browning Tp.Mary Ann (Cameron) JenningsCharles Lewis Jennings
2035female Anthony20 Mar. 1886, PleasantviewEng M. (Eastly) AnthonyFrederick Witsel
2036male Enson10 Mar. 1886, RushvilleMattie Jane (Brown) EnsonMarion E. Enson
2037male Shupe29 Mar. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Alida (Paisley) ShupeWilliam Jeff Davis Shupe
2038female Hosa9 Sep. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Laura (Herron) HosaPhilip Hosa
2039Beulah Hodgson3 Oct. 1885, FrederickEffie (Hinton) HodgsonThomas S. Hodgson
Page 3
2040female Smith14 Mar. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Elizabeth BarkerJohn Smith
2041Della Hodgson29 Sep. 1883, [sic] Bainbridge Tp.Effie (Hinton) HodgsonThomas Hodgson
2042male Rebman21 Oct. 1882, [sic] FrederickLouisa (Messerer) RebmanBenj. F. Rebman
2043male Duchardt15 Jun. 1883, [sic] BainbridgeRuth (Dale) DuchardtHenry B. Duchardt
2044Ira Utter6 Sep. 1883, [sic] Bainbridge Tp.Mollie (Simpson) UtterLyman Edwin Utter
2045Mary Edith Mohlenbrook29 Jul. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.May (Cokenour) MohlenbruckHenry Mohlenbruck
2046male Hinton13 Oct. 1885Adelaide (Wampler) HintonCharles Hinton
2047female Downs12 Jan. 1884, [sic] BainbridgeElizabeth (Hatfield) DownsOliver Downs
2048female Downs13 May 1885, FrederickLizzie (Hatfield) DownsOliver Downs
2049female KaneMay 1885, FrederickMary Ann (Black) KaneMichael Kane
2050female Sipes7 Feb. 1886, Rushville Tp.Jane Anna (Eastly) SipesWm. H. Sipes
2051Beulah Ethel Ambrosius12 Feb. 1886, RushvilleJane S. (Scott) AmbrosiusCharles Ambrosius
2052Bessie Croxton19 Mar. 1886, PleasantviewAmelia J. (Stoneking) CroxtonHenry F. Croxton
Page 4
2053male Portwood28 Mar. 1886, Rushville Tp.Frances E. (Kelley) PortwoodSimon Portwood
2054male Marshall30 Mar. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Nora J. Marshall
2055Harry Everett Nelson2 Apr. 1886, Rushville Tp.Eliza Ann (Allen) NelsonAndrew J. Nelson
2056Wallace Johnson5 Apr. 1886, BainbridgeMary (Farr) JohnsonJohn S. Johnson
2057Frank Reno4 Mar. 1886, Browning Clara C. (Bates) RenoAndrew J. Reno
2058male Griggs9 Feb. 1886, BrowningJulia (Bryant) GriggsWm. H. Griggs
2059Clarence Oren Reno25 Jan. 1886, Browning Tp.Rebecca (Trone) RenoWilliam D. Reno
2060female Stambaugh30 Jan. 1886, Browning Tp.Susanna (Robertson) StambaughAlbert W. Stambaugh
2061female Eales9 Jan. 1886, BainbridgeSarah Francis (Eales) EalesGeorge H. Eales
2062Paul B. Sisson21 Sep. 1885, RushvilleSarah Elizabeth (Whitson) SissonFletcher Marion Sisson
2063George Thos. Fox1 Aug. 1885, RushvilleElla Teresa (Purcell) FoxPeter Fox
2064Harry Clifford Giles30 Nov. 1885, RushvilleMinnie (Kricke) GilesIsaac Webster Giles
2065Wright8 Dec. 1885, Rushville Tp.Mary Almeda Wrightunknown
Page 5
2066Lawrence Lyon20 Sep. 1885, RushvilleLetitia B. (Ashley) LyonJames Franklin Lyon
2067Lena Lyon21 Sep. 1885, RushvilleLetitia B. (Ashley) Lyonsame
2068Cora May Riden19 Nov. 1885, RushvilleMalvina (Robinson) RidenJohn W. Riden
2069female Elgin18 Nov. 1885, Woodstock Tp.Sarah (Chisley) ElginIsaac Temple Elgin
2070John A. Logan Craske19 Sep. 1885, RushvilleEllen Maria (Jones) CraskeHenry Craske
2071Grover Beatty17 Sep. 1885, RushvilleSarah Ann (Rutcliff) BeattyJohn Andrew Beatty
2072Jesse Morris18 Jul. 1886, BadersRosanna (Walton) MorrisSamuel Morris
2073male Weightman10 Jun. 1886, CamdenNellie (Starkweather) WeightmanChas. Weightman
2074female Peters28 Jul. 1886, CamdenMary (Shelts) PetersWm. Peters
2075female Watt2 Aug. 1886, CamdenMary (Dawdy) WattJames M. Watt
2076male Hitzman2 Aug. 1886, CamdenLaura (Weightman) HitzmanHenry Hitzman
2077male Hughes19 Aug. 1886, HuntsvilleLida (Six) HughesFrank H. Hughes
2078Wilson29 Jul. 1886, RushvilleEliza E. Wilson
Page 6
2079female Kinnear19 Jun. 1886Ella (Strong) KinnearAlonzo Kinnear
2080female Utter21 Apr. 1886, Rushville Tp.Margaret (Pouk) UtterJohn H. Utter
2081male Lewis17 Apr. 1886, Rushville Tp.Gertrude (Elliott) LewisChas. H. T. Lewis
2082Eunice Gabbert23 Apr. 1886, Rushville Tp.Lizzie (Portwood) GabbertSylvester Gabbert
2083female Chapman15 Apr. 1886, CamdenRhoda E. (Douglass) ChapmanPeter P. Chapman
2084female Rany11 Apr. 1886, CamdenCatherine (McGinnis) RanyJacob Rany
2085female Vancil2 May 1886, Rushville Tp.Mary E. (Frisby) VancilJames E. Vancil
2086Stewart Ray Utter11 May 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Isabelle (Pyles) UtterD. Utter
2087male Peters31 May 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Mary E. (Stiggall) PetersAaron Peters
2088male Jordan3 Jun. 1886, Frederick Tp.Agnes (Langner) JordanJohn Jordan
2089Laura E. Pemberton10 Jun. 1886, RayEliza (Bales) PembertonT. W. Pemberton
2090Nancy Ann Roberts17 Feb. 1886, near RayNora (Ashcraft) RobertsJohn Roberts
2091Katie Beghtol[no date], near RaySarah (Smith) BeghtolWm. Beghtol
Page 7
2092female Roudebush19 Aug. 1886, near RayNora M. (Fulks) RoudebushJonathan Roudebush
2093male Brewer19 Aug. 1886, PleasantviewMary E. (Easten) BrewerWm. H. Brewer
2094male Trimble3 Aug. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Margaret (Seeley) TrimbleAlex Trimble
2095male Sullivan8 May 1886, near RayHenrietta KemperJohn Sullivan
2096male Stambaugh9 Jul. 1886, Rushville Tp.Louisa (Lashmet) StambaughMichael Stambaugh
2097Charles Glass5 Jun. 1886, RushvilleSarah Greer (Worthington) GlassDavid H. Glass
2098male Holmes13 Apr. 1886, RushvilleSarah Catherine (Ashley) HolmesJoseph Holmes
2099Esther Ellen Carroll28 Jun. 1886, near RayFannie (Toland) CarrollGeorge Carroll
2100male Clark11 Jul. 1886, CamdenAmanda (Cady) ClarkGreeley Clark
2101Elizabeth Little23 May 1886, Woodstock Tp.Mary (Cray) LittleCornelius Little
2102Nettie May Thompson12 Apr. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Margaret J. (Arthur) ThompsonWm. J. Thompson
2103Emma Briggle18 Jun. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Mary E. (Thompson) BriggleRice T. Briggle
2104Lydia Ann Icenogle22 May 1886, BainbridgeLydia (Root) IcenogleJames Icenogle

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