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The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 8 – 14

Page 8
2105William Burton Thompson2 Apr. 1886, BainbridgeEthilene (Kelly) ThompsonEdward Thompson
2106Ray & Nelly Bonser16 Jul. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah (Quinn) BonserHenry Bonser
2107Ross Icenogle6 Aug. 1886, BainbridgeLaura (Vancil) IcenogleWm. Icenogle
2108Ralph Dean10 May 1886, Woodstock Tp.Lucy (?) DeanWm. W. Dean
2109George Earl Carrick7 Jul. 1886, Rushville Tp.Minnie (King) CarrickGeorge S. Carrick
2110Dwight E. Demaree7 Jul. 1886, Rushville Tp.Rebecca Ann (Hamilton) DemareeWm. Demaree
2111Richard M. Scudder15 Mar. 1886, County farmMary S. ScudderJohn M. Scudder
2112Harold Patch17 Mar. 1886, RushvilleLizzie M. (Knowles) PatchFred H. Patch
2113female Beard25 Apr. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Marth I. W. (Wright) BeardEnos M. Beard
2114Grover Nall12 May 1886, RushvilleJosephine M. (Howard) NallHenry M. Nall
2115male Bagby23 May 1886, RushvilleLouilla (Walker) BagbyJohn S. Bagby
2116female Ashley17 Jun. 1886, RushvilleAlice (Staton) AshleyMatthew R. Ashley
2117male Frew7 May 1886, BrowningFannie (Stuts) FrewEli Frew
Page 9
2118male Bader5 Apr. 1886, BadersMary Jane (Eppert) BaderW. P. Bader
2119male Workman20 Apr. 1886, BrowningElizabeth (Reno) WorkmanIsaac Workman
2120female Crum4 Apr. 1886, Browning Tp.Salina E. (Lancaster) CrumGeorge D. Crum
2121Edward A. Hickman22 Mar. 1886, BrowningSarah E. (Castleberry) HickmanSimon P. Hickman
2122John Grover Lancaster18 Apr. 1886, BrowningClaretta (Chapman) LancasterJabez Lancaster
2123Charles Bolton Hedgecock27 May 1886, Birmingham Tp.Lavina A. (Bolton) HedgecockRobt. S. Hedgecock
2124male Leneke21 May 1886, BirminghamElizabeth (Crawford) LenekeLewis Leneke
2125George Martin Fry14 Jun. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Nettie Ann (Speigal) FryAmos Fry
2126Earl Sharon3 Aug. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Sarah Jane (Woodward) SharonJohn S. Sharon
2127Franklin Wilmot24 Aug. 1886, RayAnnie (Gossage) WilmotM. M. Wilmot
2128Earl Corbitt Rawson1 Jan. 1887, HuntsvilleMary H. (Corbit) RawsonCharles Rawson
2129female Henrick23 Dec. 1886, CamdenNancy A. (Chapman) HenrickJoseph Henrick
2130female Marlow30 Dec. 1886, CamdenGemima (Weightman) MarlowJohn W. Marlow
Page 10
2131male Lawler20 Sep. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Mary C. (Morris) LawlerOliver T. Lawler
2132female Cleek7 Oct. 1886, HuntsvilleJulia Ann (Watts) CleekHershell Cleek
2133male Lawler29 Oct. 1886Ann Josephine (Lawler) LawlerAlbert Brown Lawler
2134Nathan T. Veatch Jr.25 Aug. 1886, RushvilleLizzie M. (Montgomery) VeatchNathan T. Veatch
2135Bessie Eugenia Rice31 Jul. 1886, RushvilleMinnie (Ellett) RiceMartin G. Rice
2136male Lawler22 Aug. 1886, RushvilleSusan C. (Criswell, Wright) LawlerGeorge E. Lawler
2137Holly Esther Ward28 Sep. 1886, RushvilleMary M. (Ritchey) WardJohn Ward
2138male Hendricks14 Nov. 1886, CamdenSusanna (Sapp) HendricksJames W. Hendricks
2139female Grimwood28 Sep. 1886, FrederickAlice (Barthlow) GrimwoodW. M. Grimwood
2140female Gregg8 Sep. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Laura (Vanroy) GreggFrederick Gregg
2141Hugh Leigh Adkison3 Nov. 1886, RushvilleSarah E. (Rilley) AdkisonFrank Adkison
2142female Utter29 Oct. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Millie (Simpson) UtterLyman Utter
2143Grover Z. Ward12 Dec. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Mellie (Taylor) WardIra L. Ward
Page 11
2144Ora May Pierson5 Nov. 1886, Browning Tp.Emily Jane (Ruark) PiersonThomas Austin Pierson
2145male Walton2 Dec. 1886, Browning Tp.Phebe Ellen (Miller) WaltonJohn Morris Walton
2146Martha Ann Foster19 Sep. 1886, RushvilleMartha (Fulks) FosterJohn Foster
2147male Holmes28 Nov. 1886, CamdenLydia (Smith) HolmesJames H. Holmes
2148female Huffman5 Sep. 1886, CamdenEllen (Riggall) HuffmanWilliam Huffman
2149Bert Draine23 Dec. 1886, RushvilleMary E. (Williams) DraineCharles F. Draine
2150Ida Mae Sargeant16 Sep. 1886, Rushville Tp.Nancy Elizabeth (Stockwell) SargeantJohn S. Sargeant
2151male Foote15 Sep. 1886, RushvilleMay J. (Alderman) FooteJohn Walter Foote
2152female Corman18 Sep. 1886, Rushville Tp.Rosa Bell (Reno) CormanJames Madison Corman
2153Roy Elsworth Clemens11 Aug. 1886, Buenavista Tp.Mary Ann (Beard) ClemensLeonidas E. Clemens
2154female Jones8 Oct. 1886Sarah (Gordon) JonesWilliam Jones
2155female Crain7 Dec. 1886, Huntsville Tp.Rachel (Baxter) CrainWilliam Crain
2156Mary Edith Carden28 Sep. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Mary L. (Degarmon) CardenJohn S. Carden
Page 12
2157female Melvin23 Nov. 1886, Buenavista Tp.Mary Ellen (Whetstone) MelvinWm. E. Melvin
2158male Weir8 Nov. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Annie (Cooper) WeirJohn Weir
2159female Swift25 Dec. 1886, Wayland, Ill.Margaret Jane (Lickey) SwiftLeroy Swift
2160male Ash26 Dec. 1886, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Louisa (Long) AshJames Monroe Ash
2161Eugene & Margarett Sites6 Mar. 1886, RushvilleIrene (Anderson) SitesHenry T. Sites
2162male Anderson30 Oct. 1886, RushvilleMattie J. BerryW. J. Anderson
2163Arthur Brown17 Nov. 1886, RushvilleSarah Louisa MansurArthur F. Brown
2164Edna Lorena Haber5 Aug. 1886, Rushville Tp.Mary (Bovey) HaberThomas Haber
2165female Gillenwater18 Nov. 1886, RushvilleSusan (Parr) GillenwaterJohn W. Gillenwater
2166Ella M. Cashman22 Aug. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Eveline (Wainman) CashmanJames Cashman
2167female Stephens24 Sep. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Laura (Conrad) StephensHenry H. Stephens
2168Edwin Luther Harrison9 Sep. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Edith Jane (Irwin) HarrisonElisha Harrison
2169female Harris21 Sep. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Augusta L. (Jonte) HarrisNathaniel Harris
Page 13
2170Noley Ann Atison21 Oct. 1886, BainbridgeAngelin (Hodg) AtisonBob Atison
2171male Howard3 Jul. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Sarah (Vinson) HowardJames Howard
2172Charles Cunningham11 Jun. 1886, Buenavista Tp.Mary C. (Unger) CunninghamChas. D. Cunningham
2173Eva May Shutts25 Oct. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Anne (Howard) ShuttsMarkin Shutts
2174Chester Harmon Rhinehart1 Jan. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Mary Olif (Corban) RinehartJohn William Rinehart
2175female Nooner1 Feb. 1886, WoodstockOlie (Stephens) NoonerLewis F. Nooner
2176Edna Geneva Illman18 Jan. 1886, WoodstockCatherine E. (Rinehart) IllmanCharles Illman
2177Edna Dace12 Feb. 1886, WoodstockSarah E. (Black) DaceEdwin Dace
2178William F. Clark22 Oct. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Mary ClarkWm. F. Clark
2179A. Philips17 Jun. 1886, BuenavistaAlice (Harmon) PhilipsAbraham Philips
2180John Strange Blankenship26 Jul. 1886, BrowningJeanette (Vaughn) BlankenshipJohn F. Blankenship
2181Bessie Fowler19 Jul. 1886, BrowningJulia (Hunter) FowlerGeorge W. Fowler
2182Ida Elizabeth Crusick22 Aug. 1886, BrowningMary Ann (Wilcox) CrusickSamuel M. Crusick
Page 14
2183Daisy Skiles21 Aug. 1886, BrowningRosanna (Stambaugh) SkilesJames A. Skiles
2184female Lind7 Aug. 1886, Hickory Tp.Rebecca (Brindlinger) LindVoluntine Lind
2185male Belleville31 Jul. 1886, Browning Tp.Sylva E. Bellvilleunknown
2186Freddie Thario25 Jun. 1886, BrowningBelle (Skiles) TharioEdward Thario
2187Lewis B. Johnson24 Jul. 1886, BrowningMary J. (Wood) JohnsonGeorge W. Johnson
2188male Ventres4 Jul. 1886, BrowningIda J. (Ivins) VentersJames M. Venters
2189Dennis Grover Geiman26 Jun. 1886, BrowningLydia Ann (Walton) GeimanJefferson Geiman
2190male Gossage18 Jun. 1886, BrowningElizabeth (David) GossageWilliam Gossage
2191male Schissler13 Jun. 1886, BrowningAmanda (Robertson) SchisslerMartin Schissler
2192male Bryant1 Oct. 1886, BadersAlice (Ivins) BryantJohn F. Bryant
2193Earl Hollingsworth28 Nov. 1886, BrowningLaura Amanda (Lancaster) HollingsworthAbram Hollingsworth
2194William Millage18 Nov. 1886, BrowningCarrie Belle (Folsom) MillageB. F. Millage
2195James Leroy Campbell27 Nov. 1886, BrowningSarah E. (Garrison) CampbellJames P. Campbell

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