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The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 15 – 21

Page 15
2196Esther May Starr10 Sep. 1886, RushvilleFrances (Gates) StarrVirgil A. Starr
2197Myrtle Eads30 Aug. 1886, RushvilleJennie (Yates) EadsJames Eads
2198Mary Eleanor Le Strange2 Oct. 1886, PleasantviewCarrie (Eastly) Le Strange
2199female Hinderer10 Oct. 1886, FrederickAgnes (Hale) HindererFrank Hinderer
2200Eva Suddeth6 Dec. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Margaret Jane (Collister) SuddethThos. J. Suddeth
2201Clara Alice Whitson28 Nov. 1886, RushvilleNettie (Tullis) WhitsonWalter Whitson
2202Everett Arvol Ward2 Jan. 1887, Bainbridge Tp.Cassie (Lenover) WardElias Leander Ward
2203Benjamin Carl Walton28 Dec. 1886, Browning Tp.Melvina (Cox) WaltonWm. J. Walton
2204male Wallace29 Dec. 1886, RushvilleElla Amelia (Day) WallaceWilliam Henry Wallace
2205Andrew Jackson Hedgcock22 Dec. 1886, near BirminghamElizabeth A. (Wade) HedgcockJohn Franklin Hedgcock
2206Lester Skidmore6 Jan. 1887, RushvilleEmma (Nelson) SkidmoreDouglass Skidmore
2207female Merritt6 Jan. 1887, BrooklynSallie M. (Watson) MerrittThos. M. Merritt
2208William Ernest Doyle14 Jan. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Jane (Green) DoyleWm. H. Doyle
Page 16
2209male Cryder13 Jan. 1887, CamdenMary (Layman) CryderWm. Cryder
2210Elizabeth L. Larash17 Nov. 1886, RushvilleEmilia Ann (Horney) LarashWilliam Isaac Larash
2211John and Jennie Garlick16 Nov. 1886, RushvilleSarah (Briggs) GarlickJohn Wesley Garlick
2212female Pittinger9 Feb. 1887, near RayMary (Hettrick) PittingerNicholas Pittinger
2213Edward SchumanDec 1886, Browning Tp.Elizabeth (Lane) SchumanMichael Schuman
2214Grover Cleveland Bates31 Dec. 1886, Browning Tp.Matilda Ann (Reno) BatesWilliam Jefferson Bates
2215female Myers17 Dec. 1886, Brooklyn Tp.Elizabeth (Geise) MyersF. W. Myers
2216Reuben B. Sanders16 Jan. 1887, Buenavista Tp.Matilda A. (Campbell) SandersReuben B. Sanders
2217James Ezekiel Grissom7 Jan. 1887, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Bishop) GrissomThomas Grissom
2218James Branham14 Feb. 1887, Hickory Tp.Arma (Roads) BranhamJohn A. Branham
2219James C. Howell28 Jan. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Martha Ellen (Hinman) HowellWm. O. Howell
2220male Perkins1 Mar. 1887, BrowningElizabeth (Hardy) PerkinsElijah Perkins
2221female Shannon5 Feb. 1887, BrowningIserena (Walton) ShannonHenry Shannon
Page 17
2222female Simpson17 Feb. 1887, RaySusan (Thompson) SimpsonMartin Simpson
2223Ellsworth W. Jolly20 Feb. 1887, BadersZuba (Walton) JollyElias Jolly
2224female Wyckoff16 Oct. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Mary Ann (Drow) WyckoffPreston Asher Wyckoff
2225male Butler22 Feb. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Christina (Schramm) ButlerJoseph Butler
2226female Heron11 Feb. 1887, Browning Tp.Mary E. (Blodgett) HeronStephen A. Heron
2227Ola May Thornton14 Feb. 1887, BrowningMartha S. (Thornton) ThorntonWm. S. Thornton
2228female Ambrosius24 Feb. 1887, Rushville Tp.Jennie (Scott) AmbrosiusChas. W. Ambrosius
2229male McFetridge18 Feb. 1887, Frederick Tp.Amanda M. (Spillers) McFetridgeTheo D. McFetridge
2230Harold B. King18 Feb. 1887, PleasantviewMary C. (Bell) KingEdmund B. King
2231female Peck25 Feb. 1887, HuntsvilleCora Adeline (Shank) PeckAlfred Peck
2232female McKeown5 Feb. 1887, CamdenCatherine H. (Collins) McKeownJohn McKeown
2233male Stoker9 Feb. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Rhonda Ann (Weaver) StokerWell Stoker
2234William Aaron Downey21 Feb. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Finetta (Stoneking) DowneyJohn Samuel Downey
Page 18
2235male Mason3 Mar. 1887, BrooklynMary Jane (Robinson) MasonAllen Perry Mason
2236Effie Viola Miller15 Dec. 1886, Oakland Tp.Ethea L. (Alexander) MillerO. C. Miller
2237Grover Cleveland Black15 Feb. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Sarah (Kennedy) BlackFranklin Peirce Black
2238Robert Manning Turner14 Feb. 1887, RushvilleJulia Ann (Atkinson) TurnerWillis J. Turner
2239female Cochran17 Feb. 1887, RushvilleEliza (Bradley) CochranJohn Cochran
2240female Evans9 Jan. 1887, Schuyler Co.Carrie I. (Ogle) EvansAaron Evans
2241Bertha Reeve14 Feb. 1887, Schuyler Co.May Irene (Ward) ReevesPulaski Reeves
2242Sarah Mertle Knowles16 Mar. 1887, near RushvilleElizabeth (Harscher) KnowlesWm. Knowles
2243male Bogue14 Dec. 1886, RushvilleIda H. (Sweeney) BogueMark Bogue
2244George Thomas Burrell21 Mar. 1887, Sheldons GroveEmiline (Graham) BurrellDavid C. Burrell
2245John McNeeley14 Mar. 1887, RushvilleMary (Langford) McNeeleyEli McNeeley
2246Theodosia Alexander Steele17 Dec. 1885 [sic], Bainbridge Tp.Adeline (Lenover) SteeleJames M. Steele
2247Sophronia C. Shafer3 Apr. 1887, RushvilleLaurie (Barnes) ShaferCharles M. Shafer
Page 19
2248Elizabeth Smith11 Mar. 1887, Schuyler Co.Mary SmithHenry Smith
2249male Seward21 Apr. 1887, Browning Tp.Martha Ella (Walton) SewardJohn F. Seward
2250male Schissler22 Mar. 1887, Browning Tp.Julia Ann (Bader) SchisslerLewis Schissler
2251Carl Finley Hagans17 Mar. 1887, BrowningLaura (Bales) HagansZ. T. Hagans
2252male Buck13 Apr. 1887, BrooklynEunice (Cox) BuckGeorge W. Buck
2253male Babb10 Apr. 1887, BirminghamMargarett J. (Stoneking) BabbSamuel Babb
2254John Herbert Glandon31 Mar. 1887, BrooklynElla May (Johnson) GlandonJames W. Glandon
2255female King28 Mar. 1887, BrooklynPhebe Ellen (Lewis) KingChas. D. King
2256male Presson19 Mar. 1887, Wayland, Ill.Annie E. (Peckinpaugh) PressonEdwin W. Presson
2257male Leonard17 Mar. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Lura May (White) LeonardRay Leonard
2258Olo Belle Wilson3 Apr. 1887, BirminghamAmi (Roberts) WilsonTheodore Wilson
2259Katy Rose22 Mar. 1887, BirminghamAnna M. (Stockton) RoseHiram E. Rose
2260males Palmer (twins)23 Mar. 1887, RushvilleAnnie J. (Goodwin) PalmerS. C. Palmer
Page 20
2261female Armer28 Apr. 1887, Buenavista Tp.Ethel May (Sargeant) ArmerEdward C. Armer
2262Lillie Rosann Burnside12 Apr. 1887, BainbridgeNancy (Rittenhouse) BurnsideThomas Burnside
2263Dora Jane Vancil23 Apr. 1887, BainbridgeLoesa (Icenogle) VancilJohn Vancil
2264George Lewis Parks17 Apr. 1887, PleasantviewJennie (Allen) ParksThomas Parks
2265female Ashcraft30 Apr. 1887, Oakland Tp.Laura Belle (Mitchell) AshcraftRichard Ashcraft
2266male Crampton18 Apr. 1887, BadersMarg. E. (Trone) CramptonSeth Crampton
2267Josie May Walton14 Apr. 1887, BadersMary Ann (Mathis) WaltonJoseph Walton
2268female Dodd15 May 1887, BrowningAdorna (Hunter) DoddFranklin W. Dodd
2269male Wheadon25 Apr. 1887, BrowningMary (Carroll) WheadonE. O. Wheadon
2270male Harmon28 Apr. 1887, Hickory Tp.Agnes (Briney) HarmonSamuel D. Harmon
2271female Snyder27 Apr. 1887, BadersEllen (Whorley) SnyderAlbert F. Snyder
2272Lily May Crafton6 May 1887, BrowningNancy (Jenkins) CraftonThomas B. Crafton
2273Ruth Delila Stover2 Jan. 1886, Rushville Tp.Anna Eliza (Eales) StoverHoratio H. Stover
Page 21
2274Daisy Daniels31 Dec. 1887 [rec. 24 May 1887],
Schuyler Co.
Nancy Ann (Hill) DanielsGeorge W. Daniels
2275Homer Dean18 Mar. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Mary A. (Nell) DeanJohn Dean
2276Bessie Emma Ellis10 Apr. 1887, RushvilleMay Alice (Hill) EllisTheodore Ellis
2277Minnie Myrtle Roberts16 May 1887, Schuyler Co.Esther (White) RobertsFrancis Roberts
2278Georgia May Rolla Eryler24 May 1887, Woodstock Tp.Minnie (Miselback) ErylerLuther Eryler
2279female Fegley9 Apr. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Ella (McCombs) FegleyGeorge W. Fegley
2280Roscoe Hodges4 Jun. 1887, Bainbridge Tp.Fanny (Doyle) HodgesMarion Hodges
2281Elsia Gory15 Jun. 1887, RayHarriet HeatonCharles Gory
2282male Cardin1 Jun. 1887, Birmingham Tp.Elizabeth (Scoggins) CardinDavid P. Cardin
2283Will Ethal Brown9 Jun. 1887, RayAdie Bell (Henry) BrownGeo. W. Brown
2284female Hoke30 Jun. 1887, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Falkenstine) HokeHenry Hoke
2285Corbin B. Stambaugh12 May 1887, Browning Tp.Susan (Robertson) StambaughAlbert W. Stambaugh
2286Laura Lee21 May 1887, BrowningSarah (Lynch) LeeTheodore Lee

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