Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 85 – 91

Page 85
3096female Boice5 May 1894, RushvilleNervie C. (Leezer) BoiceCle D. Boice
3097male & female Moore17 May 1894, RushvilleLorena (Williamson) MooreGeo. A. Moore
3098Ruth Irene Wright22 Jun. 1894, RushvilleCarrie A. (Rickmond) WrightWm. F. Wright
3099male Park30 Jun. 1894, PleasantviewLilly (Heffner) ParkJohn Park
4000Dora Cummings30 Jun. 1894, PleasantviewLizzie B. (Hale) CummingsThos. L. Cummings
4001Bessie Ann Walton20 Jul. 1894, BadersArretta Jane (Powell) WaltonHenry Walton
4002female Heron23 Aug. 1894, FrederickSarah J. (Dodds) HeronThomas W. Heron
4003Lulu Skiles27 Aug. 1894, BrowningJosephine (Rebman) SkilesOtis Skiles
4004Edward Gragg15 Aug. 1894, PleasantviewNellie (Worshem) GraggGeorge W. Gragg
4005William E. Humphrey22 Aug. 1894, Browning Tp.Martha (Wilhelm) HumphreyWm. David Humphrey
4006Dwight Earl Robertson20 Oct. 1893, Browning Tp.Agnes (McCombs) RobertsonDaniel Robertson
4007Geo. Lee Lane28 Apr. 1893, Browning Tp.Mertie Ann (Justus) LaneRobert L. Lane
4008Hugh Fennymore Shippey18 Nov. 1893, BrowningCaroline (Willard) ShippeyM. H. Shippey
Page 86
4009Lovera A. Arnold24 Aug. 1894, BrowningLaura Effie (Walton) ArnoldWm. H. Arnold
4010Margaret Marie Curry3 Sep. 1894, FrederickMinnie (Reno) CurryAmos Curry
4011Ermine Lang17 Sep. 1894, Bainbridge Tp.Emily (Woods) LangChristopher Lang
4012Glydis Mary Beard16 Oct. 1894, PleasantviewGeorgia (Rebman) BeardChas. O. Beard
4013Walter Clyde Croxton6 Oct. 1894, PleasantviewMary A. (Ambrosous) CroxtonWalter Croxton
4014female Strong14 Oct. 1894, PleasantviewEva (Cummings) StrongRalph Strong
4015male Utter22 Oct. 1894, FrederickSarah (Lane) UtterWilliam Brownlow Utter
4016male Rebman22 Oct. 1894, PleasantviewAlice May (Utter) RebmanMaurice Rebman
4017female Elgin18 Nov. 1894, RushvilleSarah E. (Chesley) ElginIsaac T. Elgin
4018Eda Emiline Parr21 Nov. 1894, RushvilleMartha A. (Fifer) ParrPeter B. Parr
4019Vern– May Kerby26 Oct. 1894, PleasantviewMary (Edwards) KerbyThomas Kerby
4020Allie Farrar (twin)15 Nov. 1894, PleasantviewDella (Blodgett) FarrarArthur Farrar
4021male Garrett5 Dec. 1894, Browning Tp.Maggie M. (Harper) GarrettGeo. L. Garrett
Page 87
4022Vallie Farrar (twin)15 Nov. 1894, PleasantviewDella (Blodgett) FarrarArthur Farrar
4023female Grafton13 Nov. 1894, PleasantviewLizzie (Smith) GraftonWm. Grafton
4024female Bowman7 Nov. 1894, FrederickAdeline (Ward) Boman [sic]John L. Bowman
4025male Ward12 Nov. 1894, Bainbridge Tp.Martha M. (Dodds) WardJackson Ward
4026Clifford Edward Cummings13 Dec. 1894, Bainbridge Tp.Bessie (Hinton) CummingsWm. Cummings
4027Louis M. Leezer5 Nov. 1894Hattie (Icenogle) LeezerChas. Leezer
4028female Collis3 Jan. 1895Grace Collis
4029female Terry22 Nov. 1894, Woodstock Tp.Martha M. (Howard) TerryAlonzo F. Terry
4030Sevila Matilda Finch4 Jan. 1895, RushvilleSarah Frances (Cox) FinchRobert Finch
4031Adaline Walton24 Dec. 1894, Browning Tp.Phebe Ellen (Miller) WaltonJohn Morris Walton
4032Mary Ann RidingsAdam Cowatable
4033Elsa Stambaugh8 Dec. 1894, Browning Tp.Emaline (Mathis) StambaughNathaniel Stambaugh
4034male Howel19 Dec. 1894, Centre P. O.E. J. (Icenogle) HowelThos. E. Howel
Page 88
4035Annie Edith Howell17 Jan. 1895, Newbury TownAnna M. (Axle) Nowell [sic]S. C. Howell
4036Beulah Wayne Parks29 Jan. 1895, PleasantviewAdeline (Trone) ParksMaro Parks
4037female Davis20 Jan. 1894, Pleasantview [sic]Lilly (Sherrill) DavisJohn Davis
4038Bertha Meryl Chandler16 Jan. 1895, PleasantviewLaura (Stoneking) ChandlerJohn Chandler
4039male Rebman7 Jan. 1895, PleasantviewIda (Strong) RebmanWilliam Rebman
4040Edwin Frederick Reichert4 Jan. 1895, PleasantviewJessie (Rebman) ReichertFred Reichert
4041Ruth Marie Van Cleve4 Feb. 1895, RushvilleMinnie A. (Danner) VancleveCharles A. Vancleve
4042Ruth Roosa14 Feb. 1895, RushvilleEtta E. (Snorder) RoosaDelno Roosa
4043male Bottroff29 Jan. 1895, HuntsvilleAnnie (Beland) BottroffJackson P. Bottroff
4043BHarry Stodgel18 Feb. 1895, BuenavistaMrs. Chas. StodgelChas. Stodgel
4044female Furnace4 Feb. 1895, Buenavista Tp.Mrs. Stella FurnaceElmer Furnace
4045female Robinson20 Jan. 1895, RushvilleMrs. Jennie RobinsonHurd Robinson
4046male Oetgen17 Feb. 1895, FrederickAugusta C. (Hauntsemeyer) OetgenHenry W. Oetgen
Page 89
4047Florence Irene Bell3 Feb. 1895, PleasantviewElmazie (Pugh) BellJohn Bell
4048Edgar Trone19 Feb. 1895, PleasantviewBertha (Robinson) TroneFranklyn A. Trone
4049femaleJoanne Toland
4050Ray L. Allen27 Mar. 1895, PleasantviewMarietta (Adkison) AllenThos. Allen
4051male Rittenhouse28 May 1895RittenhouseMarion Rittenhouse
4052female Jackson25 May 1895, RushvilleLizzie (Green) JacksonRoy Jackson
4053Nellie Belle Utter24 May 1895, Woodstock Tp.R. Isabella (Pyles) UtterS. A. Douglas Utter
4054female Thorpe23 May 1895, Woodstock Tp.Francis (Anderson) ThorpSteven F. Thorpe
4055Thomas E. Pool11 May 1895, RushvilleJosephine (Knowles) PoolBenj Pool
4056Carl Elsworth Walton9 May 1895, BadersMaletha Belle (Powell) WaltonCyrus Wm. Walton
4057Marion Utter28 Jun. 1895, FrederickHellen (Gragg) UtterAlbert M. Utter
4058Edith Strong10 Jul. 1895, PleasantviewEmily (Cornman) StrongHugh Strong
4059Una Mae Moyer13 Jul. 1895, FrederickLaura Belle (Gragg) MoyerArchibald Gurstelle Moyer
Page 90
4060male25 Jul. 1895, PleasantviewMary Alice GraggOrvill Portlock
4061male Spillers7 Aug. 1895, BrowningAddie (Rebman) SpillersWarrington Spillers
4062Martha Jane Frew25 Aug. 1895, BrowningFannie Pantina (Still) FrewEli Frew
4063Martha May Powell7 Aug. 1895, Browning Tp.Nora Alice (Switzer) PowellWm. Lincoln Powell
4064Myrtle May Jennings9 Sep. 1895, PleasantviewAnna Isabella (Byers) Jenkins [sic]Leroy Jennings
4065Milton R. Elgin12 Sep. 1895Fannie Elizabeth (Bull) ElginArthur Elgin
4066Wilton James Elgin12 Sep. 1895Fannie Elizabeth (Bull) ElginArthur Elgin
4067Jasper Van Order4 Sep. 1895, RushvilleRosa J. (Cather) Van OrderAndy Pulaski Van Order
4068female Wilmot12 Oct. 1895, RushvilleLaura M. (Toy) WilmotWillard Wilmot
4069Clarence Libern Farrar27 Sep. 1895, PleasantviewHannah (Whitehead) FarrarAugustus L. Farrar
4070female Hickerson3 Oct. 1895, PleasantviewJosephine (Turner) HickersonWilliam Hickerson
4071Edna Emma Drawve20 Oct. 1895, PleasantviewMary (Dodds) DrawveHenry Drawve
4072Nellie Mabel Shultz19 Oct. 1895, BadersElizabeth R. (Waff) ShultzEward Shultz [sic]
Page 91
4073Charles William Self21 Nov. 1895, Bainbridge Tp.Bertha (Smedley) SelfWm. Self
4074Blanche Park21 Nov. 1895, PleasantviewLilly (Hefner) ParkJohn Park
4075James Lee Thompson15 Oct. 1895, LittletonFlorida (Billingsley) ThompsonJames Franklin Thompson
4076Oscar Samuel Cagle2 Dec. 1895, LittletonAdda (Boice) Cogle [sic]John Franklin Cogle [sic]
4077Leslie Thompson19 Dec. 1895, PleasantviewEtheline (Kelly) ThompsonEdward Thompson
4078Bert Rebman14 Jan. 1896, FrederickAllice (Utter) RebmanMaurice Rebman
4079male Rebman14 Jan. 1896, FrederickAlice (Utter) Rebman [sic]Maurice Rebman
4080female Dobbs20 Dec. 1895, PleasantviewStella Dobbs
4081female Jarvis16 Jan. 1896, PleasantviewEllen (Smith) JarvisMilton Jarvis
4082male15 Jan. 1896, HuntsvilleNancy (Tyson)Edward Phillips
4083male Janes11 Jan. 1896, CamdenEmma (McKinney) JanesLewis A. Janes
4084female Daniels23 Jan. 1896, BrooklynAlice May (Bisby) DanielsEdwin Daniels
4085Ira27 Dec. 1896, BuenavistaAsemith Agnes RaperIra Burton

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