Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 99 – 105

Page 99
4177Harry Spillers10 Aug. 1898, BadersAnna (Stambaugh) SpillersBert Stambaugh
4178James Rufus Ward10 Aug. 1898, PleasantviewLaura (Tyson) WardCharles Ward
4179female Carey6 Aug. 1898, PleasantviewMary (Kennedy) CareySam’l R. Carey
4180Clarence Wilson Ashcraft16 Aug. 1898, LittletonHarrie Elizabeth (Walker) AshcraftJohn F. Ashcraft
4181Thomas Lee Spillers13 Oct. 1898, PleasantviewMary (Turner) SpillersMark Spillers
4182Eva Stambaugh21 Oct. 1898, Sheldons GroveLavina (Painter) StambaughCharles Stambaugh
4183Laverne Stambaugh12 Dec. 1897, Sheldons GroveLavina (Painter) StambaughCharles Stambaugh
4184John Carlyle Shultz9 Oct. 1898Mary Lizziebeth (Stambaugh) ShultzHerman H. Shultz
4185Ralph Augustus Twilleger24 Oct. 1898, FrederickMyrtle (S—cort) TwillegerWilliam Twilleger
4186Calun Flad Landrith6 Oct. 1898, RushvilleAmanda (Roberts) LandrithWm. P. Landrith
4187Leonard Roscoe Icenogle9 Nov. 1898, LittletonAnna Agnes (Phillips) IcenogleAlferd Henry Icenogle
4188Charles Earl Terry11 Dec. 1898, near LittletonMaggie (Bridgewater) TerryJohn Terry
4189Fay Parker20 Jan. 1899, Bluff CityDora (Sackman) ParkerEugene Parker
Page 100
4190male Utter26 Jan. 1899, FrederickSarah Mildred (Simpson) UtterLyman Edwin Utter
4191female McCombs10 Feb. 1899, Bainbridge(Ellis) McCombsDavid McCombs
4192Paul E. Taylor12 Feb. 1899, WoodstockElzora (Ashley) TaylorRoss Taylor
4193female Dodds27 Jan. 1899, Rushville(Newell) DoddsChas. Dodds
4194James Harold Knapp21 Jan. 1899, RushvilleMary Jane (Tipton) KnappJames V. Knapp
4195female Ellis6 Jan. 1899(Tutt) EllisArthur Ellis
4196Dewey Carl Trone20 Feb. 1899, BrowningEffie (Skiles) TroneHenry Trone
4197Royal Dewy Stambaugh31 Jan. 1899, West BeardstownWinifred  (Young) StambaughGeorge Washington Stambaugh
4198female Thompson20 Apr. 1899, PleasantviewNancy (Skiles) ThompsonJoseph Thompson
4199male Hickman27 Mar. 1899, PleasantviewJosephine (Turner) HickmanWilliam B. Hickman
4200Glen Leslie Ingles14 Apr. 1899, RushvilleDella (Hooker) InglesThomas Ingles, Jr.
4201John Maurice Ball18 Oct. 1898, RushvilleAnna Rebina (Thompson) BallAmos W. Ball
4202Virginia Rottger McCreery10 Feb. 1899, Buenavista Tp.Fannie (Montgomery) McCreeryRoland M. McCreery
Page 101
4203Roscoe Milton Amrine10 Jan. 1898, RushvilleLillian M. (Goodwin) AmrineRoscoe Conklin Amrine
4204female Baird11 Jun. 1899, PleasantviewGeorgia (Rebman) BairdCharles O. Baird
4205female Crozier11 Jun. 1899, PleasantviewAnnie (Acheson) CrozierRobert Crozier
4206Wm. Dunlap Lawler8 Jun. 1899, FrederickLena May (Dunlap) LawlerJohn Edward Lawler
4207Estelle Vandale Ware28 Apr. 1899, FrederickAnna H. (Horner) WareWm. B. Ware
4208George Washington Garrison13 Apr. 1899, Drainage Dist.Maud Bell (Taylor) GarrisonChas. Warren Garrison
4209Harry C. Cummings24 May 1899, FrederickLizzie Bell (Hale) CummingsThomas Lee Cummings
4210Mildred Morris28 May 1899Ella May (Bloomer) MorrisWilliam Morris
4211Thelma Estella Nelson18 Jun. 1899, FrederickMaud Belle (Brubeck) NelsonCharles Kenedy Nelson
4212Jesse Oren Smedley24 Jul. 1899, PleasantviewEmma (Sherril) SmedleyJefferson Smedley
4213female Young30 Jul. 1899, Birmingham Tp.Luella May (Purdum) YoungEldridge Lee Young
4214Mabel Nina Croxton22 Aug. 1899, PleasantviewNina G. (Patterson) CroxtonHarry Croxton
4215Grace Hannah Wilson17 Jul. 1899, FrederickJennie L. (Campbell) WilsonAlvin Wilson
Page 102
4216female Armstrong7 Aug. 1899, PleasantviewGrace (Steele) ArmstrongRobert Armstrong
4217Stella Elizabeth Leezer16 Aug. 1899, FrederickHattie Cornelia (Icenogle) LeezerCharles Ramsey Leezer
4218Charles Randolph Dunlap31 Aug. 1899, FrederickNellie (Pratt) DunlapRalph Dunlap
4219Mildred Jane Dunn23 Aug. 1899, PleasantviewLula (Parks) DunnAlbert Dunn
4220male Malcomson13 Sep. 1899, PleasantviewCarrie (Bellomy) MalcomsonJohn Malcomson
4221male Smith9 Sep. 1899, PleasantviewMatilda (Trone) SmithHarry Smith
4222Edith Marie Lee4 Oct. 1899, PleasantviewCornelia (Allen) LeeClarence Lee
4223Guy Stanley Tyson20 Oct. 1899, PleasantviewElla (Parks) TysonEdward Tyson
4224Nellie Quinn13 Oct. 1899, PleasantviewSarah Ettie (Croxton) QuinnJohn Quinn
4225Dorothy Florine Dodds22 Oct. 1899, FrederickLenora (Newell) DoddsSeth Dodds
4226Anna Belle Holmes1 Nov. 1899, Bluff CityAmanda Ellen (Sherrel) HolmesWm. Henry Holmes
4227Gwendolyn Shelly5 Nov. 1899, Bluff CityElla (Burrows) ShellyChas. Shelly
4228Ethel Skiles22 Oct. 1899, Bluff CitySarah Ellen (Graham) SkilesRoss Skiles
Page 103
4229male Aten11 Nov. 1899, PleasantviewCora (Ballard) AtenRay Aten
4230Otis Holmes Angell4 Nov. 1899, PleasantviewNotie (Holmes) AngellOtto Angell
4231Bert Leroy Geer6 Nov. 1899Jessie (Spillers) GeerFred Geer
4232Lizzie C. Strong29 Nov. 1899, PleasantviewEmily (Cornman) StrongHugh Strong
4233Clarence Walter Croxton29 Nov. 1899, PleasantviewMyra (Spoonamore) CroxtonLenard Croxton
4234male Dodds14 Dec. 1899, FrederickLeora (Tyson) DoddsJames Dodds
4235male Park1 Jan. 1900, PleasantviewLillie (Heffner) ParkJohn Park
4236John Rebman2 Jan. 1900, FrederickAlice May (Utter) RebmanMorris Marion Rebman
4237male Parks13 Mar. 1900, PleasantviewGrace (Bellomy) ParksAlbert Parks
4238Belvie Lang26 Feb. 1900, PleasantviewEmma J. (Woods) LangChris Lang
4239Mary May Acheson6 Mar. 1900, PleasantviewNola Etta (Blaylock) AchesonMarvin Acheson
4240Hano Joseph Littlefield3 Mar. 1900, FrederickEstella Lunetta (Engle) LittlefieldHarry Augustus Littlefield
4241David Gurstelle Moyer2 May 1900, FrederickLaura (Gragg) MoyerArchie Moyer
Page 104
4242Howard Burton Strong18 May 1900, PleasantviewEmma (Langnor) StrongBurton L. Strong
4243Henry Elmer Donaldson10 May 1900Della (Kirkham) DonaldsonJames Walter Donaldson
4244Leonard Stambaugh19 Feb. 1900, Hickory Tp.Lavina (Painter) StambaughCharles Stambaugh
4245male Ingraham17 Aug. 1900, RushvilleGrace (McElliese) IngrahamVance Ingraham
4246male & female Thompson22 Aug. 1900, Sugar GroveMary J. (Arthur) ThompsonWm. J. Thompson
4247male Forbes3 Sep. 1900Fannie (Plummer) ForbesJohn F. Forbes
4248Wilma Evelyn Shupe30 Aug. 1900Stella (Ridings) ShupeWm. Shupe
4249Ernest Hodges1 Sep. 1900, RushvilleAlice (Seeley) HodgesHenry Hodges
4250Bertha Pelton2 Aug. 1900, RushvilleGrace M. (Achison) PeltonFrederick O. Pelton
4251Inza Irene Colclasure1 Aug. 1900, FrederickAlice Martha (Moore) ColclasurePerry Colclasure
4252female Clevenger2 Jan. 1901, FrederickMaggie (Suddith) ClevengerEd L. Clevenger
4253Mary Etta Loring5 Feb. 1901, FrederickKate Bell (Herron) LoringJohn Loring
4254male Schultz5 Feb. 1901, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Stambaugh) SchultzHerman Schultz
Page 105
4255Rebecca J. Salisbury1 Apr. 1901, Sheldons GroveJulia (Carter) SalisburyJohn Mason Salisbury
4256Raymond Edwin White1 Jul. 1901, RushvilleMollie E. (Woodruff) WhiteClarence L. White
4257female Amermon [Ashcraft]16 Jul. 1901, Buenavista Tp.:Hattie (Walker) Amermon [know as Ashcraft]John Amermon [know as Ashcraft]
4258Evalyn Bell Grubb7 Aug. 1901, RushvilleMina (Mattox) GrubbGuy Grubb
4259Herman Taylor29 Jul. 1901, RushvilleElzora (Ashley) TaylorRoss Taylor
4260Preston D. Barnes7 Jul. 1901, Rushville Tp.Carrie B. (Bowen) BarnesFranklin Barnes
4261Florence Clements2 Aug. 1901, RushvilleLucy (Cunningham) ClementsWm. Clements
4262male Icenogle2 Jul. 1901, RushvilleSarah (Williams) IcenogleChas. Icenogle
4263Ruby May Carrick27 Jul. 1901, RushvilleMinnie (King) CarrickGeo. Carrick
4264Ora H. Tharp5 Jul. 1901, RushvilleLilly (Wardell) TharpSheridan Tharp
4265male1 Jul. 1901, RushvilleMay Toy
4266female Eyler11 Jan. 1901, Woodstock Tp.Luretta (Swisher) EylerPhilip Eyler
4267John Haslyn Demaree11 May 1901, RushvilleAnna Belle (Moore) DemareeGeo. Demaree

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