Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 106 – 112

Page 106
4268Florence Violet Skiles10 May 1901, RushvilleGrace (Boice) SkilesNewton Skiles
4269Dane Crook24 Apr. 1901Ollie (Bartlett) CrookWm. Mitchell Crook
4270Thos. Wilson Sweeney13 Apr. 1901, RushvilleHelen Maud (Rottger) SweeneyThos. Wilson Sweeney
4271male Elgin15 Feb. 1901, RushvillePearl (Beatty) ElginSamuel Elgin
4272Lester Earl Clark12 Aug. 1901, RushvilleSadie M. (McNeeley) ClarkHenry Clark
4273Rebecca Sophia Knous23 Aug. 1901, RushvilleIsa Dora (James) KnousAlexander Knous
4274Harold Ditto Webster7 Sep. 1901, BrooklynBertha (Mecum) WebsterClyde Webster
4275Anna Della Kerr1 Jan. 1902, Rushville Tp.Amy (Campbell) KerrJoseph Kerr
4276Alta May Winner2 Jan. 1902, Sheldons GroveMary (Litchfield) WinnerGeo. W. Winner
4277Roy Howard Tomlinson4 Jan. 1902, near HuntsvilleGrace M. (Haber) TomlinsonAlbert C. Tomlinson
4278female Thompson7 Jan. 1902, WoodstockNettie (Arthur) ThompsonWm. J. Thompson
4279Laura Christine Thompson3 Jan. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Della Kate (Campbell) ThompsonCharles W. Thompson
4280Verna Mae Eyler16 Jan. 1902, RushvilleEmma (Brown) EylerJohn Eyler
Page 107
4281male14 Jan. 1902, CamdenRebecca Kinman
4282male Kinman2 Jan. 1902, CamdenElizabeth (Black) KinmanWilliam Kinman
4283Mildred Anderson15 Jan. 1902, BrowningLucy Ellen (Spillers) AndersonLewis Flavel Anderson
4284Elizabeth Dean17 Jan. 1902Nora E. (Clemens) DeanWm. C. Dean
4285Margaret Alta Kerr21 Jan. 1902, Rushville Tp.N. Caroline (Carty) KerrRobert John Kerr
4286Willis Albert Skiles23 Jan. 1902, RushvilleLillie May (Vanorder) SkilesJames Dennis Skiles
4287male Hodges13 Jan. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Belle HodgesMarion Hodges
4288Ercel Orin Armstrong19 Jan. 1902, Oakland Tp.Grace (Steel) ArmstrongRobert Armstrong
4289Verne Nathaniel Seeley24 Jan. 1902, RushvilleFlora (Bodenhamer) SeeleyAlfred Seeley
4290Arthur Lewis Korte24 Jan. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Nettie (Houser) KorteAdolph Korte
4291female Pettijohn26 Jan. 1902, RushvilleHila Louisa (Selby) PettijohnCormny J. Pettijohn
4292Rama Cady28 Jan. 1902, CamdenElla (Welty) CadyStillman Cady
4293Harlan Wilbur Donaldson27 Jan. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Dilla (Kirkham) DonaldsonJ. W. Donaldson
Page 108
4294Alice Norene Woodruff7 Jan. 1902, RayMargaret (Wright) WoodruffGeo. Woodruff
4295Wm. M. Toland7 Jan. 1902, Oakland Tp.Anna (Keeran) TolandOwen Toland
4296Nellie Elizabeth Derry26 Jan. 1902, Vermont, near Oakland Tp.Rosette (Shores) DerryWarren Derry
4297male HaneyJan. 1902, BrooklynFannie (Montooth) HaneyEarl Haney
4298Charles Stanton Young14 Jan. 1902, BrooklynLulie Ella (Purdum) YoungElbridge Lee Young
4299male Vanormer16 Jan. 1902, HuntsvilleEmma Belle (Harris) VanormerHiram Vanormer
4300Rosco Alvin Moon18 Jan. 1902, BirminghamCora Emmaline (Toland) MoonWilliam H. Moon
4301Eugene Frederick Cady18 Jan. 1902, CamdenMary Etta (Owens) CadyFrancis E. Cady
4302Ernest P. Herche19 Jan. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Ella (Price) HercheNathan Wesley Herche
4303Sylva H. Herche19 Jan. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Ella (Price) HercheNathan Wesley Herche
4304male1 Feb. 1902, Rushville Tp.Hattie C. VancilCurtis Adkinson
4305Susan Francis Mitchell2 Feb. 1902, Rushville Tp.Maggie B. (Gapen) MitchellAdrian F. Mitchell
4306Harold Elliott Livingston28 Jan. 1902, RushvilleJessie B. (Wilson) LivingstonT. M. Livingston
Page 109
4307Veda Ester Lynch26 Jan. 1902, Rushville Tp.Fanny M. (Burton) LynchArtemas W. Lynch
4308Marie M. Moore4 Feb. 1902, RushvilleLoraina (Williamson) MooreGeorge A. Moore
4309Elmer Henry Travis10 Jan. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Agnes (Helm) TravisHarvey Leonard Travis
4310Theodore Roosevelt Baum20 Jan. 1902, Hickory Tp.Mary (Stambaugh) BaumJohn Baum
4311Eslie Ray Robinson3 Jan. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Elva N. (Mason) RobinsonOtho Otto Robinson
4312Nora Leana Powell21 Jan. 1902, Hickory Tp.Nora Alice (Switzer) PowellWilliam Lincoln Powell
4313John Sorrells8 Feb. 1902, Browning Tp.Amy (Dugger) SorrellsJohn E. Sorrells
4314Freeman Easley8 Feb. 1902, Oakland Tp.Hettie (Peak) Esaley [sic]Fred Easley
4315Alice Hoke6 Feb. 1902, Hickory Tp.Cora Alice (Smith) HokeJoseph Hoke
4316Freeman T. RieblingFeb. 1902, Hickory Tp.Susan (Beck) RieblingHenry Riebling
4317female Park23 Jan. 1902, BrowningLilly (Haffner) ParkJohn Park
4318Mary M. Beaty24 Jan. 1902, FrederickAnnie (Utter) BeatyFrank Beaty
4319Glenn Ernest Strong1 Feb. 1902, PleasantviewEmily (Langnor) StrongBurton L. Strong
Page 110
4320female Quinn11 Feb. 1902, PleasantviewSadie (Croxton) QuinnJohn Quinn
4321male Lawler12 Feb. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Jennie Ethel (Neill) LawlerNoah Gilbert Lawler
4322Florence Ella Walker11 Feb. 1902, RushvilleAgness May (Young) WalkerRobert Walker
4323male Busby14 Feb. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Margaret (Boyd) BusbyFranklin Melvin Busby
4324male Franklin14 Feb. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Mariah (Tomlinson) FranklinHenry Franklin
4325Florence Ellen Stambaugh19 Jan. 1902, Browning Tp.Jane (McCombs) StambaughNathaniel Stambaugh
4326James Thomas Peterman26 Jan. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Lorinda Jane Van OrderClinton Peterman
4327female Nell7 Feb. 1902, Rushville Tp.Lutie (Rebman) NellChas. Nell
4328female Drain23 Feb. 1902, RushvilleLottie (Clark) DrainBenjamin Drain
4329Lois Caroline Neill12 Feb. 1902, RushvilleDella A. (Dodds) NeillHarry W. Neill
4330Myrtle Mildred Estus1 Feb. 1902, CamdenClara (Cleek) EstusBenjamin Estus
4331Simeon Unger13 Feb. 1902, ErwinSusan Ellen (Owens) UngerFinis Unger
4332female Rebman31 Jan. 1902, ErwinSarah (Green) RebmanJames Rebman
Page 111
4333Lenia V. Coaker23 Feb. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Tacie Ann (Burke) CoakerMack Coaker
4334female Saults9 Feb. 1902, BrooklynSarah M. (Griffith) SaultsGeo. W. Saults
4335Chester Wells6 Feb. 1902, Littleton Tp.Etta (Aulger) WellsEslie Wells
4336Lucile Hoke26 Feb. 1902Elizabeth A. (Harris) HokeChas. Hoke
4337Byron Long25 Feb. 1902, BadersMyrite (Jones) LongA. Emerson Long
4338Ford E. Wallace5 Mar. 1902, BrowningLillie (Steele) WallaceRalph Wallace
4339Henry Roosevelt Burnsides4 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Laura Belle (Ellis) BurnsidesJames Joshua Burnsides
4340male Morris18 Feb. 1902, Oakland Tp.Minnie E. (Aten) MorrisEdward Page Morris
4341Myrtle Ethel Lethel Tomlinson14 Feb. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Sarah Isabel (Hollenback) TomlinsonJos. Albert Tomlinson
4342female Turner24 Feb. 1902, BrooklynGertrude (Esslinger) TurnerArthur O. Turner
4343Edward Glenn Chipman3 Mar. 1902, BrooklynAnnie Laura (Crone) ChipmanEdwin S. Chipman
4344Arnold Allen Andrew Clayton17 Feb. 1902, Camden Tp.Eva Margaret (Marlow) ClaytonMede Clayton
4345Loyd Briggs23 Feb. 1902, Camden Tp.Della Florence (Race) BriggsEdgar Briggs
Page 112
4346Lena Margaret Cray28 Feb. 1902, Camden Tp.Minnie (Luthy) CrayJames Cray
4347Elery Bane Lind8 Mar. 1902, BadersCora Annie (Pierson) LindMichael H. Lind
4348Edith May Redding8 Mar. 1902, Plymouth, Ill.Allie (Bowman) ReddingWilliam Redding
4349Jasper Calvin Stephens11 Mar. 1902, Littleton Tp.Ida (Deal) StephensAlexander H. Stephens
4350Zolla Eithel Woods8 Mar. 1902, BrooklynNellie A. (Mason) WoodsWm. J. Woods
4351Lyman Paul Lantz14 Mar. 1902, BrooklynHarriet (Cooper) LantzWm. Thomas Lantz
4352Francis Albert Marshal [sic]16 Mar. 1902, RushvillePermelia Emiline (Vanorder) MarshallPerry Francis Marshall
4353Imogene Ruth Henderson14 Mar. 1902, Hickory Tp.Cora Edith (Jones) HendersonWm. T. S. Henderson
4354Gladys Josephine Beam15 Mar. 1902, Hickory Tp.Edeth (Johnson) BeamHomer Beam
4355LeRoy Cecil Bowen14 Mar. 1902, RushvilleLillie (Lashbrook) BowenWilliam Bowen
4356Don Leslie Ingles31 Jan. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Viola Elsie (Thomas) InglesBartlett Haley Ingles
4357male Colclasure14 Mar. 1902Cora (Moore) ColclasurePerry Colclasure
4358Dow Leslie Ingles31 Jan. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Viola Elsie (Thomas) InglesBartlett Haley Ingles

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