Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 22 – 28

# Name Birth Mother Father
Page 22
274 Minnie Francis Rebman 31 Jul. 1878, Browning Tp. Lucy Margaret May (Richardson) Rebman Stephen Rebman
275 Cora Ballard 3 Aug. 1878, Frederick Tp. Martha Alice (Worshum) Ballard Theodore Pierce Ballard
276 Mary Elisabeth Guy 13 Aug. 1878, Hickory Tp. Amanda Arsa (Carnahan) Guy James Watson Riley Guy
277 Jessee Augustus Holmes (female) 11 Aug. 1878, Rushville Tp. Sarah Catherine (Ashley) Holmes Joseph A. Holmes
278 male Campen 21 Aug. 1878, Woodstock Tp. Maria (Lottiman) Campen Ada Campen
279 female Merritt 14 Sep. 1878, Camden Tp. Sarah M. (Watson) Merritt Thomas M. Merritt
280 female Cannon 10 Aug. 1878, Camden Tp. Rebecca (Rice) Cannon Augustus Cannon
281 Harmon Brown 29 Aug. 1878, Rushville Alice Pitman Brown Arthur F. Brown
282 male Clark 19 Aug. 1878 Sarah Ann (McMurray) Clark Thomas Abner Clark
283 female Markee 26 Aug. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Charlotte (Mitchael) Markee Harvy B. Markee
284 male Knight 20 Sep. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Octavia J. (Dudley) Knight Chauncy M. Knight
285 John Clark 30 Aug. 1878, Camden Rosa Ellen (Davis) Clark Noah Clark
286 male Midletoun 28 Aug. 1878, Camden Anna (Lantz) Midletoun John Midletoun
Page 23
287 female Brown 20 Aug. 1878, Camden Virginia (How) Brown David Armstrong Brown
288 male White 14 Sep. 1878, Huntsville Tp. Louisa (Robinson White John White
289 Elizabeth Yarbrough 6 Sep. 1878, Camden Ellen Jane (Ingle) Yarbrough James Yarbrough
290 male Morrell 8 Sep. 1878, Littleton Tp. Lydia A. (Carter) Morrell James L. Morrell
291 females Ashley (twins) 25 Sep. 1878, Rushville Tp. Emma Mary (Moork) Ashley Robert Shelton Ashley
292 males Steele (twins) 23 Sep. 1878, Rushville Tp. Amanda (Jones) Steele Benjamin Steele
293 Curtis Leroy Cramlett 2 Oct. 1878, Rushville Tp. Ellen (Cornman) Cramlett Isaac B. Cramlett
294 female Seward 21 Sep. 1878, Camden Mary Frances (Whetstone) Seward William H. Seward
295 male Frakes 11 Sep. 1878, Brooklyn Tp. Harriett (Stoneking) Frakes Robert Frakes Jr.
296 Edward B. Nelson [no date], Rushville Tp. Eliza Ann (Allen) Nelson Andrew Helper Nelson
297 John Loring 22 Sep. 1878, Rushville Tp. Mary (Parke) Loring David Kingdom Loring
298 Henry Tyson 22 Sep. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Anna Bell (Taylor) Tyson Lorenzo McDowal Tyson
299 Annetta Adeline Peacock 29 Sep. 1878, Browning Tp. Sarah Ann (Kalebaugh) Peacock George Richard Peacock
Page 24
300 Major Stuard Crone 15 Sep. 1878, Rushville Tp. Sarah Jane (Agenback) Crone Jonas S. Crone
301 female Greer 16 Sep. 1878, Littleton Tp. Anna E. (Griftner) Greer Robert L. Greer
302 Carl A. Peckenpaugh 6 Sep. 1878, Buenavista Tp. Laura J. (Finch) Peckenpaugh Thomas J. Peckenpaugh
303 male Reno 27 Sep. 1878, Browning Tp. Matilda Emaline (Thorton) Reno Jasper Marion Reno
304 male 14 Oct. 1878, Oakland Tp.
305 male Wyckoff 14 Aug. 1878, Littleton Tp. Mary (Raper) Wyckoff James A. Wyckoff
306 male Thompson 29 Jul. 1878, Littleton Lavina A. (Barners) Thompson James M. Thompson
307 female Wheeler 20 Sep. 1878, Birmingham Ellen (Shuler) Wheeler William Wheeler
308 Mary Elizabeth Pain 28 Sep. 1878, Littleton Tp. Mary J. (Swackhammer) Pain John D. Pain
309 George Alfred Stephens 6 Oct. 1878, Bainbridge Ann Maria (Hooker) Stephens George Stephens
310 male Waner 15 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Martha A. (Miller) Waner John Waner
311 Grace Allphin 7 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Tp. Georgia Ann (Hester) Allphin Curry Allphin
312 female Davis 27 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Tp. Nancy Jane (Moore) Davis Benjamin L. Davis
Page 25
313 Frances Etta Peacock 27 Oct. 1878, Rushville Tp. Martha Ellen (Cornman) Peacock William Morgan Peacock
314 male Scott 12 Oct. 1878, Woodstock Tp. Elizabeth (Harrison) Scott Richard Mentor Scott
315 male Farrar 26 Oct. 1878, Rushville Isabella (Vancleve) Farrar James Wesley Farrar
316 Franklin Darling 4 Oct. 1878, Bluff City Ann (Ray) Darling Reese Darling
317 Dora Kelly 19 Oct. 1878, Hickory Tp. Elisabeth A. (Louderback) Kelly John Kelly
318 Robert Ashley 18 Oct. 1878 Martha E. (Stator) Ashley William D. Ashley
319 female Norris 7 Oct. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Clementine (Walker) Norris Franklin Marion Norris
320 Earley Arden Melvin 5 Apr. 1878, Camden Tp. Hannah Ann (Fortner) Melvin Isaac Porter Melvin
321 male Kellum 2 Nov. 1878, Camden Tp. Elizabeth Jane (Brooks) Kellum Joseph W. Kellum
322 male Merritt 15 Oct. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Sarah (Bridgewater) Merritt Calvin Merritt
323 male Tole 21 Sep. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Caroline (Wright) Tole John Tole
324 male French 3 Nov. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Mary (Wilson) French George French
325 female Rittenhouse 5 Sep. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Melvin (Day) Rittenhouse Washington Rittenhouse
Page 26
326 male Davis 12 Oct. 1878, Bainbridge Tp. Sarah (Stuttsman) Davis Charles W. Davis
327 female Queen 28 Sep. 1878, Camden Rosa (McKinney) Queen Richard Queen
328 male Gillenwaters 9 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Ruth (Hillis) Gillenwaters Thomas Gillenwaters
329 male Wilson 13 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Francis Elizabeth (Gillenwater) Wilson Franklin Theodore Wilson
330 female Foster 13 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Sarah (Kniss) Foster Burton Kniss
331 male Watts 13 Oct. 1878, Camden Pracilla (Davis) Watts James Howard Watts
332 male Gillespie 20 Oct. 1878, Huntsville Alice Senna (Roberts) Gillespie Simon Gillispie [sic]
333 female Moore 10 Nov. 1878, Oakland Tp. Malinda Emaline (Shirley) Moore Thomas Moore
334 Elizabeth Montgomery Roach 2 Oct. 1878, Rushville Helen (Montgomery) Roach John A. Roach
335 Arthur Fegley 20 Oct. 1878, Woodstock Tp. Mattie (Ryan) Fegley Jacob A. Fegley
336 William Oscar Farnsworth 20 Oct. 1878, Woodstock Tp. Ruth P. (Robins) Farnsworth Robert L. Farnsworth
337 Arabelle Buckley 14 Nov. 1878, Buenavista Mary C. (Finch) Buckley James A. Buckley
338 Clarence Adolph Illman 26 Sep. 1878, Woodstock Catherine E. (Rinehart) Illman Charles A. Illman
Page 27
339 Rovilla Frivola King 26 Oct. 1878, Rushville Alice Fidelia Jenks Claudius Ewing King
340 male Fy [no date], Oakland Tp. Nancy Ann (Cook) Fy Chas. D. Fy
341 female 18 Oct. 1878, Brooklyn Tp. Alsie (Pruett) Carie George Cary [sic]
342 female Pain 10 Nov. 1878, Littleton Tp. Anna M. (Wheat) Pain Thomas Jefferson Pain
343 female Pridmore 16 Nov. 1878, Littleton Tp. Margaret (Rose) Pridmore George Pridmore
344 John Oscar Justus 24 Oct. 1878, Browning Tp. Sarah Elizabeth (Mayall) Justus John Oscar Justus
345 female Carden 19 Oct. 1878 Elizabeth Jane (Scoggon) Carden David Patan Carden
346 female Snowdon 26 Oct. 1878, Rushville Arrilla (Patterson) Snowdon John Snowdon
347 Mary Margaret Henderson 9 Nov. 1878, Buenavista Tp. Elizabeth Annetta (Henderson) Henderson John H. Henderson
348 female Simons 6 Nov. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Sarah L. (Bilderback) Simons James E. Simons
349 female Watts 17 Nov. 1878, Huntsville Nancy Ann (Lewton) Watts Thomas William Watts
350 female Bilderback 25 Nov. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Susana (Dewel) Bilderback Charles W. Bilderback
351 Louis Flavel Anderson 9 Nov. 1878, Browning Tp. Sarah (Pettigrew) Anderson James Calvin Anderson
Page 28
352 Allonia Haines 10 Nov. 1878, Browning Rebecca (Berger) Haines Warren V. Haines
353 Benjamin Franklin Drain 16 Nov. 1878, Rushville Mary Elisabeth Drain Charles R. Drain
354 Mary Elisabeth Thompson 19 Nov. 1878, Birmingham Tp. Rhoda Eva Manis Claborn Coker Thompson
355 female Moore 25 Oct. 1878, Buenavista Tp. Mary E. (Barkman) Moore Samuel Moore
356 male DeWitt 18 Nov. 1878, Littleton Tp. Eliza (Buer) DeWitt James Marshall DeWitt
357 male Selsby 18 Nov. 1878, Camden Elisabeth (Grafton) Selsby William Selsby
358 Lillie May Vanorder 15 Nov. 1878, Rushville Francis (Fowler) Vanorder James Vanorder
359 male Leonard 10 Nov. 1878, Brooklyn Tp. Emma Jane (Miner) Leonard Webster Leonard
360 male Neff 29 Nov. 1878, Oakland Tp. Mary Elisabeth (Fry) Neff Thomas Albert Neff
361 female Hale 8 Dec. 1878, Oakland Tp. Ann Suneth (Schane) Hale John Hale
362 female Crose 10 Dec. 1878, Rushville Tp. Sarah (Cornman) Crose Taylor Crose
363 female Waymack 28 Nov. 1878, Brooklyn Tp. Mary Ellen (Owen) Waymack John L. Waymack
364 Milton Wellington Hughes 8 Dec. 1878, Hickory Tp. Maggie J. (Louderback) Hughes Joseph Hardin Hughes

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