Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 113 – 119

Page 113
4359Lazzelle Raymond Hamilton25 Feb. 1902, FrederickSylvia G. (Suddeth) HamiltonJohn W. Hamilton
4360female Holtman6 Mar. 1902, BainbridgeMinnie (Bell) HoltmanFred Holtman
4361Cecil Hoover22 Mar. 1902, Hickory Tp.Mary Jane (Walton) HooverGeorge Washington Hoover
4362Thelma May Millslagle28 Mar. 1902, RushvilleViola Francis (Ethel) MillslagleHerbert Millslagle
4363John Lubben19 Mar. 1902, HuntsvilleAnna (Garles) LubbenAndy Lubben
4364Marjory Deacon Dyson5 Mar. 1902, RushvilleAlice M. (Deacon) DysonHoward F. Dyson
4365Scott Leon Callison26 Mar. 1902, CamdenAda Lee (Sponamore) CallisonSidney Robert Callison
4366Chester LeRoy Smith29 Mar. 1902, Pine GroveSophia A. (Peters) SmithAndrew J. Smith
4367Ella Harrington Myers24 Mar. 1902, RushvilleElla (Harrington) MyersFred Myers
4368female Simpson20 Mar. 1902, RushvilleEmma (Cook) SimpsonEdward Simpson
4369Marvin Downs13 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Elizabeth (Hatfield) DownsOliver Downs
4370Vaughn Harrison Anderson15 Mar. 1902, Rushville Tp.Nellie (Rose) AndersonHerman Anderson
4371female Johnson9 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Rosa (Berry) JohnsonGeo. H. Johnson
Page 114
4372Sarah Edith Robeson27 Feb. 1902, BuenavistaEtta (Dean) RobesonHarry Robeson
4373male Lashbrook1 Mar. 1902, CamdenCarrie (Warrington) LashbrookAlbert Lashbrook
4374Lois Leona Owen4 Apr. 1902, CamdenMaud (Ashcraft) OwenJames Owen
4375Pearl Luetta Geer5 Apr. 1902Lucetta (Walton) GeerHomer Geer
4376male Hillyer29 Mar. 1902, BrooklynCora (Robinson) HillyerChas. Hillyer
4377male Howard8 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Hattie Howard
4378female Hess12 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Mary (Hughes) HessGeo. Hess
4379Artie Forest Layer11 Feb. 1902, BrowningSarah (Wilcox) LayerJohn Layer
4380Beatrice Rae Graham16 Apr. 1902, RushvilleFannie Mae (Seward) GrahamCharles Martin Graham
4381Chester Harlin Simpson16 Apr. 1902, RushvilleMinnie Ethel (Johnson) SimpsonChas. Lewis Simpson
4382Vernie Addie Finch23 Mar. 1902, Camden Tp.Cora (Hardin) FinchCarlin Finch
4383male Drake19 Mar. 1902, BrooklynLydia Ellen (Howell) DrakeWm. Edward Drake
4384Cecil Elizabeth Haley9 Apr. 1902, CamdenNancy Jane (Seckman) HaleyJulius Haley
Page 115
4385Frederick Clinton Kearby18 Apr. 1902, CamdenMary Ann (Edwards) KearbyThomas Kearby
4386Garnet Daniel Chipman11 Mar. 1902, Littleton Tp.Zella N. (Harmon) ChipmanWalter C. Chipman
4387Ivan C. Hodges12 Mar. 1902, Littleton Tp.Adda May (Moore) HodgesDavid Hodges
4388Fredie Authur Gossage21 Mar. 1902, BrooklynEmma D. (Shuler) GossageHiram Jackson Gossage
4389male Rittenhouse8 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Mrs. Otis (Hodson) RittenhouseOtis Rittenhouse
4390male Newsom15 Apr. 1902, RushvilleZoe D. (Fleming) NewsomJohn Newsom
4391female Gory23 Apr. 1902, RayLena Luella (Mullens) GoryDavid Lewis Gory
4392male Brown26 Mar. 1902Cora (Hall) BrownOsc Brown
4393female Miltenberger16 Apr. 1902, WoodstockClara May (Huff) MiltenbergerWilliam Alva Miltenberger
4394Glenn Harold Bellomy4 Apr. 1902, FrederickMargaret (Hinderer) BellomyHarry Bellomy
4395male Penland15 Apr. 1902, FrederickCarrie Etta (Gragg) PenlandNorma Isaac Penland
4396Lucy Kennedy30 Mar. 1902, BirminghamEmma (Saultz) KennedyJohn Kennedy
4397Elias Moon3 Apr. 1902, BirminghamC. L. (Dean) MoonJohn Evens Moon
Page 116
4398female Seckman29 Apr. 1902, RushvilleHazel Clara Seckman
4399male Quinn5 May 1902, RushvilleLavia Dell (Oliver) QuinnElmer Quinn
4400Homer Arthur Bedenbender15 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Mary A. (Kelly) BedenbenderGeorge F. Bendenbender
4401Earl Edward Yaap14 Apr. 1902, LittletonAlice H. (Robertson) YaapAlbert Geo. Yaap
4402female Raper14 Apr. 1902, Littleton Tp.Amelia (Hoggar) RaperWm. G. Raper
4403Edna Ethel Clark8 May 1902, Pine GroveAlice E. (McClain) ClarkChas. H. Clark
4404Iva Marie Whitehead6 May 1902, CamdenLillian (Loop) WhiteheadNewton Whitehead
4405Curry Scott10 May 1902, BrowningErminia G. (Miller) ScottFrank McClellan Scott
4406male Thompson17 Apr. 1902, RushvilleEthlyn (Kelly) ThompsonEdward E. Thompson
4407Mary Jane Babb11 Apr. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Margrett (Stoneking) BabbSamuel Babb
4408Albert & Elmer Young18 Apr. 1902, Littleton Tp.Anna Maria (Stambaugh) YoungWm. Young
4409Harry Uriah Frakes10 Mar. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Phoeba (Stoneking) FrakesJohn Frakes
4410Oliver Harmon Kelly27 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Nora (Tharp) KellyOscar Harmon Kelly
Page 117
4411Clyde Dace6 Apr. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Cora May (Tharp) DaceJames Vernon Dace
4412Lillie Ethel Conrad15 May 1902, Woodstock Tp.Sophia (Knous) ConradCharles Conrad
4413Jane Leota Strausbaugh10 May 1902, RushvilleBertha (Hammond) StrausbaughGilda R. Strausbaugh
4414Florence Virginia Dowler15 May 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Elizabeth M. (Neill) DowlerWilliam L. Dowler
4415Viva Agnes Huffman20 May 1902Ellen (Riggall) HuffmanWilliam Wallace Huffman
4416Wayne Asbury Dalton26 Apr. 1902, LittletonMaud A. (Morgan) DaltonJohn A. Dalton
4417male Davis27 May 1902, Browning Tp.Lillie May (Schiller) DavisJohn Will Davis
4418Beulah Rebecca Danner25 May 1902Fevley (Stambaugh) DannerLevi Danner
4419Paul W. Fey17 May 1902, Woodstock Tp.Lizzie (Kelley) FeyFrank C. Fey
4420male Messerer4 May 1902, FrederickSopha (Hinderer) MessererWinfield Scott Messerer
4421Robert Adams Malcomson20 May 1902, PleasantviewElizabeth (Adams) MalcomsonRobert Malcomson
4422female Nelson13 May 1902, FrederickMaud (Brubeck) NelsonCharles K. Nelson
4423female Allen3 Jun. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Ida (Briggs) AllenJacob N. Allen
Page 118
4424Lizzie May Miller26 May 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Maggie May (Grisham) MillerAlfred Miller
4425male Brewer10 Jun. 1902, RushvilleMyrtle May (Bonser) BrewerEarl Elmer Brewer
4426Thomas M. Hester23 May 1902, Huntsville Tp.Maud (Miller) HesterThomas Hester
4427Dorothy Wells Leib13 Jun. 1902, RushvilleAdelaide (Wells) LeibElsie H. Leib
4428Ansel Bernard Stroops15 Jun. 1902, Browning Tp.Florence (Justus) StroopsGeorge Stroops
4429Leslie James Nell12 Jun. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Nancy A. (Clark) NellFred Nell
4430female Rittenhouse3 Jun. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Effie D. (Lang) RottenhouseWm. R. Rittenhouse
4431Bernice Helen Moore26 May 1902, RayEmma Florence (Hays) MooreChas. Wm. Moore
4432Geo. Harold Grenel19 May 1902, Oakland Tp.Rosa (Kinney) GrenelAlbert Grenel
4433Florence R. Black19 Jun. 1902, Camden Tp.Sarah Emily (Owens) BlackCarl Enoch Black
4434male Johnson3 Jun. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Effie Ann (White) JohnsonGeorge M. Johnson
4435Everett Gale Wheelhouse6 Jun. 1902, RushvilleNancy Jane (Black) WheelhouseSaml. D. Wheelhouse
4436female Fisher14 Jun. 1902, RushvilleJessie (Sweeney) FisherHarry Benedict Fisher
Page 119
4437Eugene McCreery2 Jul. 1902, RushvilleHarriet (Galbraith) McCreeryGeo. Clifford McCreery
4438Fairy Lane (Twin)28 Jun. 1902, BrowningMertz Ann (Justus) LaneRobert E. Lee Lane
4439Fairl Alfred Lane (Twin)28 Jun. 1902, BrowningMertz Ann (Justus) LaneRobert E. Lee Lane
4440Alta Ellen Steadman25 May 1902, Browning Tp.Anna Belle (Wright) SteadmanJohn Steadman
4441Herchel Sweeney25 Jun. 25, 1902, near Damon P.O.Lucretia (Lake) SweeneyJohn Sweeney
4442male Robins30 Apr. 1902Daisy (Sarver) RobinsElzie H. Robins
4443Elmer H. Rider8 Jun. 1902, near BirminghamJennie (Hendrickson) RiderChas. Henry Rider
4444Mary Faye Emminger15 Jul. 1902, Oakland Tp.Viola Florence (Lang) EningerJoseph Eninger
4445Ortie Gilbert Toland20 Jun. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Nettie (Davis) TolandAlva C. Toland
4446Esther Shelby5 Jul. 1902, Hickory Tp.Ella (Burrows) ShelbyChas. H. Shelby
4447Roy Derry8 Jul. 1902, Littleton Tp.Sarah Olive (Lincoln) DerryJoseph Derry
4448female Winters25 Jun. 1902, Littleton Tp.Grace Z. (Snyder) WintersHosa B. Winters
4449female Ritchey18 Jul. 1902, Oakland Tp.Iva J. (Fisk) RitcheyOrville G. Ritchey

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