Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 120 – 126

Page 120
4450Geo. H. Thompson7 Jul. 1902, RayFlorida (Billingsly) ThompsonJames F. Thompson
4451Ruth Hindman11 Jul. 1902, Rushville Tp.Lilly (Heitz) HindmanWarren Hindman
4452Olive Stroops6 Jul. 1902, Browning Tp.Ara (Himmel) StroopsCornelius E. Stroops
4453Nellie Rhoades22 Jul. 1902, Hickory Tp.Miranda Jame (Carter) RhoadesCharles Franklyn Rhoades
4454Orlo Stroops6 Jul. 1902, Browning Tp.Ara (Himmel) StroopsCornelius E. Stroops
4455male Clark27 Jul. 1902Maggie (Edwards) ClarkJohn Clark
4456male Reno6 Jul. 1902, BrooklynBarbara Ellen (Stockwell) RenoWm. Sherman Reno
4457Esther Annette Lantz11 Jul. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Lena (Cooper) LantzJohn Albert Lantz
4458Pearl Myrtle Chapman30 Jul. 1902, near Erwin, Ill.Viola (Shirley) ChapmanJohnson Andrew Chapman
4459females (twins) Bishop22 Jul. 1902, RushvilleMaggie (Parr) BishopWm. H. Bishop
4460female Markley5 Aug. 1902, BrowningStella M. (Layer) MarkleyJohn Morton Markley
4461female Eckroy7 Aug. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Mary Edith (Miltenberger) EckroyJohn Henry Eckroy
4462Bernard Ingles11 Aug. 1902, near Mabel, Ill.Ada Lula (Bowers) InglesRobert Ingles
Page 121
4463male28 Jun. 1902(Anderson)Homer Robinson
4464Ivan Robert Fetch13 Aug. 1902, CamdenClara Florence (James) FetchElias Carter Fetch
4465Abbie D. Camp6 Aug. 1902, Browning Tp.Viola D. (Fowler) CampJoel D. Camp
4466Sarah Susanna Lawler22 Jul. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Anna (Tharp) LawlerWilliam Henry Lawler
4467Chester Eifert Peters25 Jul. 1902, Camden Tp.Mary (Eifert) PetersFrank Marion Peters
4468Carrie Leon Bryan6 Aug. 1902, Littleton Tp.Louise (Davis) BryanGeorge G. Bryan
4469Nellie Gay15 Aug. 1902, Oakland Tp.Rosa L. (Heaton) GayArch J. Gay
4470male Swearingen8 Aug. 1902, Littleton Tp.Effie (Caldwell) SwearingenCharles Swearengen
4471Ernest Greenleaf7 Aug. 1902, BirminghamLottie (Salts) GreenleafFrank Greenleaf
4472female Cook25 Jul. 1902, RayJulia Grant (Simpson) CookJohn Cook
4473Ernest Oliver Lawler20 Aug. 1902, near RushvilleMary C. (Morris) LawlerOliver T. Lawler
4474Lola Marie Skiles6 Aug. 1902, LittletonPearl Etta (Kinnamon) SkilesWm. Douglas Skiles
4475Lloyd Daniel Johnson23 Aug. 1902, LittletonClara Angeline (Louderman) JohnsonJoseph Patrick Johnson
Page 122
4476male Sellers31 Jul. 1902, Littleton Tp.Gerrie M. (Sellers) SellersRoland L. Sellers
4477male Morrell22 Aug. 1902, Littleton Tp.Nancy (Graffin) MorrellEdward J. Morrell
4478Nellie Marie Allembaugh4 Aug. 1902Maggie (Skiles) AllembaughWilliam T. Allembaugh
4479Jessie Laurence Goodwin18 Aug. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Annie E. (Kline) GoodwinLeroy Goodwin
4480Esther Mauvean Wells30 Aug. 1902, near Wayland, Ill.Bertha Alice (Long) WellsAdolphus R. Wells
4481Eva Gladys Hare7 Aug. 1902, Camden Tp.Isabel (Agans) HareJohn Walter Hare
4482female Clark4 Sep. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Clara (Wells) ClarkFrank Clark
4483Priscilla Elvera Lancaster18 Aug. 1902, near LittletonEmma (Gruel) LancasterLewis Ross Lancaster
4484Diamond W. Schuman1 Sep. 1902, BadersDonia (Walton) SchumanHenry Schuman
4485Lydia Opal Cleek12 Aug. 1902, countryCaroline M. (Jones) CleekBillie B. Cleek
4486Nellie Jeanette D’Camp24 Aug. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Francis (Hellyer) DeCampLeal D’Camp
4487Mary Pearl Butterfield11 Aug. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Elizabeth Mabel (Cox) ButterfieldDayton Owen Butterfield
4488female Shafer14 Sep. 1902, RushvilleFlorence (Phillips) ShafterWestley Shafer
Page 123
4489Mary E. Banks4 Sep. 1902, RushvilleDrazella (Irwin) BanksJohn J. Banks
4490Frederika Maud Greer18 Aug. 1902, Littleton Tp.Fannie Maude (Bartlow) GreerFred Arthur Greer
4491Ruth Stone17 Aug. 1902, CamdenMary (Cady) StoneAlbert Stone
4492Eugene Agans Curry19 Sep. 1902, ErwinEsther Anna (Agans) CurryWm. Silas Curry
4493Leonard Frank Clark26 Aug. 1902, FrederickLavina A. (Wright) ClarkJoseph W. Clark
4494James Clinton Gragg13 Sep. 1902, FrederickMabel Clara (Tribby) GraggHenry Wesley Gragg
4495female Harris20 Sep. 1902, Browning Tp.Effie (Huff) HarrisWm. H. Harris
4496Nina Vera Moore11 Sep. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Ella (Strausbaugh) MooreUriah Moore
4497female Dean26 Aug. 1902Nettie (Wetzel) DeanLaurence Dean
4498female27 Aug. 1902, Hickory Tp.Fannie Burkholder
4499Lloyd Kenneth Morrell19 Sep. 1902, ErwinSarah Catherine (Clayton) MorrellChas. Ellsworth Morrell
4500Louise Deitiker22 Sep. 1902, CamdenMargaret Ann (Kinneman) DeitikerFra-ck, Deitiker
4501female Rose15 Sep. 1902, RayAnna (Bishop) RoseHardin Rose
Page 124
4502Clair R. Horney27 Aug. 1902, Littleton Tp.Francis (Raper) HorneyMatthew Horney
4503male Day26 Aug. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Nettie S. (Blackledge) DayJ. L. Day
4504male Scott24 Sep. 1902, near Pine GroveEva Pearl (Horney) ScottFred J. Scott
4505Ada May Pelton16 Sep. 1902, RushvilleGrace M. (Acheson) PeltonFred O. Pelton
4506Nellie Irene Denny1 Sep. 1902, RushvilleMattie (Jenkins) DennyJames N. Denny
4507male Dace11 Sep. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Lydia M. (Frisby) DaceAlbert H. Dace
4508male Lane27 Sep. 1902, Browning Tp.Jeannette (Burrell) LaneAdrian C. Lane
4509male Daniels3 Sep. 1902, Littleton Tp.Alta A. (Wycoff) DanielsMelvin L. Daniels
4510female Parks30 Aug. 1902, Bluff CityHattie May (Holmes) ParksWorley Parks
4511Arthur Edmunds26 Sep. 1902, RushvilleEmma W. (Washburn) EdmundsHenry H. Edmunds
4512Roy Lady8 Sep. 1902, BrooklynLydia J. (Dillon) LadyStephen H. Lady
4513male Beal23 Sep. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Geneva L. (Bradley) BealJoseph Beal
4514Edna Elizabeth Orwig (twin)26 Sep. 1902, Frederick Tp.Anna Mary (Sommers) OrwigJohn W. Orwig
4514Ethel Beulah Orwig (twin)26 Sep. 1902, Frederick Tp.Anna Mary (Sommers) OrwigJohn W. Orwig
Page 125
4515Olster Evert Carpenter23 Jun. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Beedie F. (Waterfield) CarpenterFurney Spencer Carpenter
4516Frederick William Daniels18 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Philipine (Maurer) DanielsWilliam F. Daniels
4517male Wessel25 Sep. 1902, Browning Tp.Marie (Engle) WesselCharles D. Wessel
4518Zenith Manlove Homberger15 Aug. 1902, Birmingham Tp.Isabel Virginia (Manlove) HombergerGeo. Frederic Homberger
4519male Hightower7 Oct. 1902, near CamdenMinnie Ethel (Ryan) HightowerRolla Hightower
4520male Dean28 Aug. 1902, RushvilleSadie (Rose) DeanJohn Dean
4521Vera Pauline Paisley25 Aug. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Emily Eliza (Lewis) PaisleyFred Paisley
4522female Sheesley3 Aug. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Mrs. SheesleyJas. Sheesley
4523female Thomas7 Aug. 1902, RushvilleJennie ThomasChas. Thomas
4524male Stevens22 Jul. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Minnie (Philips) StevensIsrael Stevens
4525male Briggs23 May 1902, Woodstock Tp.Mary BriggsGeo. Briggs
4526Ester Marie Knowles2 Jul. 1902, RushvilleMarie (Anderson) KnowlesW. W. Knowles
4527male Moore8 Jul. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Lora (Ritchey) MooreNoah Moore
Page 126
4528Fred William Green2 Oct. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Ella (Garrison) GreenGeo. Green
4529female Roland26 Sep. 1902, RushvilleEmily (Thompson) RolandAb. Roland
4530Edwin Thomas Ingles11 Jul. 1902, RushvilleAnna (Simpson) InglesMarion Ingles
4531male Willard9 Oct. 1902, RushvilleIda (Barton) WillardBurton O. Willard
4532Thomas Skiles Tracy11 Oct. 1902, RayMaggie Belle (Carroll) TracyThos. Jefferson Tracy
4533male Potter15 Oct. 1902, Oakland Tp.Mary Rozetta (Gorsage) PotterU. G. Potter
4534Evert Luther Wingo12 Oct. 1902, RushvilleLeona Bell (Beghtol) WingoWilliam Wingo
4535Hershel Gray Bowers5 Oct. 1902, BrooklynFlorence May (Gray) BowersEd. Bowers
4536Glenn Roy Parsons18 Sep. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Altie Edith (Hillyer) ParsonsChas. Jacob Parsons
4537Mary Naomi Shilling15 Oct. 1902, BrowningSierra Nevada (Skiles) ShillingGiles Thos. Shilling
4538Hattie May Smith19 Oct. 1902, RushvilleArmintha SmithHarry Park
4539female Richardson19 Oct. 1902, CamdenIda (Haley) RichardsonBen. Richardson
4540Ethel J. Finch18 Oct. 1902, ErwinHannah (Green) FinchEdward Finch

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