Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 127 – 133

Page 127
4541female Saul18 Oct. 1902, BrowningIdessia (Camp) SaulFred Saul
4542Fred Lancaster Spillers17 Oct. 1902, Frederick Tp.Anna Triphena (Lancaster) SpillersHomer Deloss Spillers
4543Roy Croble1 Sep. 1902, Bluff CityNellie (Shaw) CroblePhilip Monon Croble
4544female Ross28 Sep. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Mary Araminta (Moore) RossS. B. Ross
4545Kenneth Arthur Smith5 Oct. 1902, Birmingham Tp.Lillie (Jones) SmithAlvin C. Smith
4546Gladys Eleanor Strong26 Oct. 1902, Pleasant ViewBlanche (Herron) StrongJohn R. Strong
4547male & female twins Agans30 Oct. 1902, near ErwinIda Viola (Avery) AgansLevi Agans
4548Nancy Josephine Avery1 Nov. 1902, near Scott’s MillNora Alice (Radinger) AveryWilliam Dudley Avery
4549Frances Jeannette Hansmayer7 Nov. 1902, Pleasant ViewHallie (Smith) HansmeyerWilliam Hansmeyer
4550male Black17 Oct. 1902, LittletonPearl G. (Chockley) BlackWarren Black
4551Oscar Leonard Lambert16 Oct. 1902, LittletonOdella (Trone) LambertJoseph Lambert
4552female Richardson19 Oct. 1903 [sic], CamdenIda (Haley) RichardsonBen. Richardson
4553Audrey Catherine Peterson26 Oct. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Amanzella (Welty) PetersonJames Peterson
Page 128
4554Henry Floyd Shelts10 Oct. 1902, Camden Tp.Millie (Philips) SheltsChas. Estes Shelts
4555Freddie Allen Fox16 Oct. 1902, Camden Tp.Laura Etta (Pettit) FoxGeorge Burt Fox
4556male Estes14 Nov. 1902, CamdenAdelia (Cady) EstesEdwin Estes
4557Paul Park30 Sep. 1902, FrederickLouisa (Robertson) ParkJames Park
4558female Burmood16 Nov. 1902, HuntsvilleAnna May (Alphin) BurmoodJames Burmood
4559female Waymack16 Oct. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Dollie Dorothy (Gossage) WaymackChas. Anderson Waymack
4560male Sargent26 Oct. 1902, Oakland Tp.Fannie A. (Aiken) SargentWm. Henry Sargent
4561Gracie Katherine Runkle18 Nov. 1902, Littleton Tp.Cora Maud (Horton) RunkleRobert Clyde Runkle
4562Glen Robinson23 Oct. 1902, Oakland Tp.Emma (Van Fossen) RobinsonLeonard Robinson
4563female Reid23 Nov. 1902, CamdenMinnie Bell (Hootz) ReidJames Reid
4564Annie Belle Wheeler23 Nov. 1902, Oakland Tp.Ida Magdalen (Everhart) WheelerEdgar Franklin Wheeler
4565Dorothea Mead Dace22 Nov. 1902, RushvilleFrederica (Mead) DaceWilbur M. Dace
4566male Ellis26 Nov. 1902, Rushville Tp.Maude E. (Bosworth) EllisLewis E. Ellis
Page 129
4567Ada Irene Ward5 Nov. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Estella (Persinger) WardJames Albert Ward
4568Dwight Norvell3 Nov. 1902, near CamdenRosa Etta (Hawkins) NorvellJames Norvell
4569Bessie Gabbert17 Nov. 1902, Pleasant ViewAlma (Dodds) GabbertBurton Gabbert
4570Ruth Aminee Johnson31 Oct. 1902Rosa (Miller) JohnsonJames B. Johnson
4571Robert Ansel Herschel Nebold6 Dec. 1902, Littleton Tp.Elizabeth (Rahn) NeboldWm. F. Nebold
4572male Snyder29 Nov. 1902, Littleton Tp.Lena Mae (Wheat) SnyderCharles Snyder
4573Forest Gorsuch15 Nov. 1902, Oakland Tp.Elzina (Davis) GorsuchLarkin Gorsuch
4574male Bridgman10 Dec. 1902, BrooklynDolpha Elizabeth (Cannon) BridgmanCharles Elam Bridgman
4575Bertha Eleanor Lamaster6 Dec. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Eva (Downs) LamasterWilson A. Lamaster
4576female twins – Blanche Margaret Merrick19 Nov. 1902, Oakland Tp.Lou (Price) MerrickMorris Merrick
4577Helen Louise Henry27 Nov. 1902, RushvilleFlora Bell (Newell) HenryHiero Henry
4578male Runkle16 Dec. 1902, Littleton Tp.Delila (Chipman) RunkleDarius Runkle
4579Owen Jackson Reed20 Sep. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Cora (Sellers) ReedHenry D. Reed
Page 130
4580Lena Louderback24 Dec. 1902, Littleton Tp.Mary (Seward) LouderbackAndrew J. Louderback
4581Agnes Geneva Phillips18 Dec. 1902, Oakland Tp.Katherine (Montooth) PhillipsSam’l W. Phillips
4582John Willis Thompson29 Dec. 1902, RushvilleElizabeth (Manning) ThompsonWm. T. Thompson
4583George Harold Naught6 Jan. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Minnie (Stremmel) NaughtG. W. Naught
4584James Albert Wells7 Jan. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Annie (Jewett) WellsAlbert Wells
4585Hershel Charles Wheeler3 Dec. 1902, Oakland Tp.Mary Adeline (Wright) WheelerCharles Burchard Wheeler
4586Kenneth J. Stambaugh8 Jan. 1903, Browning Tp.Cora Belle (Stroops) StambaughAmos Stambaugh
4587Robert Alfred Bradbury27 Dec. 1902, RushvilleMary Lorinda (Vanorder) BradburyWalter Bradbury
4588male7 Dec. 1902, RushvilleNellie E. Doyle
4589Carl Edward Moore1 Jan. 1903, RushvilleCora Axa HarwickBert Moore
4590Elmer Frederick King30 Dec. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Lydia (Egbert) KingEdward E. King
4591Winifred Walker15 Dec. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Laura (Rittenhouse) WalkerGeorge Walker
4592Homer & Philo (female) Canida13 Jan. 1903, Birmingham Tp.Emma (Saultz) CanidaJohn Canida
Page 131
4593Jessie Irma Clark25 Oct. 1902, Birmingham Tp.Mary A. (Hiatt) ClarkDoll Clark
4594Fern Phelps17 Sep. 1902, Birmingham Tp.Anna (Metzger) PhelpsGeo. B. Phelps
4595Belle Salisbury10 Dec. 1902, Hickory Tp.Julia (Carter) SalisburyMason Salisbury
4596male Daniels21 Dec. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Loetta Viola (Cox) DanielsMatthew Daniels
4597Kenneth Harold Applegate2 Jan. 1903, Littleton Tp.Mary Grace (Little) ApplegateJoseph Applegate
4598John Guy Thompson17 Jan. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Margaret M. (Beaston) ThompsonJohn W. Thompson
4599Willie Uella Gorsuch (female)22 Jan. 1903, Oakland Tp.Vernellie P. (Tracy) GorsuchWilliam F. Gorsuch
4600Wallace Maurice Hatfield23 Jan. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Ina (Smedley) HatfieldCharles Hatfield
4601William Augustus Smedley22 Dec. 1902Emaline (Sherrill) SmedleyJefferson Smedley
4602Herman Idens15 Jan. 1903, FrederickThrinka (Sartorius) IdensGeorge H. Idens
4603Lois Mary Pickenpaugh23 Jan. 1903, near CamdenJulia Amanda (Dunlavy) PickinpaughMarion Pickinpaugh
4604Fred E. Burgard17 Jan. 1903Nellie (Engle) BurgardJohn Burgard
4605Ralph Otis Schultz13 Jan. 1903, Sheldon’s GroveLizzie (Stambaugh) SchultzHerman H. Schultz
Page 132
4606James Robert Flanagan26 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Rosa Elizabeth (Smith) FlanaganFrederick Flanagan
4607male Phillips2 Feb. 1902, near Vermont, Ill.Elizabeth (Morris) PhillipsJohn Phillips
4608female Foster15 Jan. 1903, near Vermont, Ill.Alice (Adams) FosterEdward Foster
4609male Armel13 Feb. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Delilah (Icenogle) ArmelWilliam Armel
4610Fay Hedrick25 Jan. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Elizabeth Louisa (Baker) HedrickWilliam Hedrick
4611Sarah Hamilton McCreery19 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Fannie (Montgomery) McCreeryRollin M. McCreery
4612male Stough21 Jan. 1903, BrooklynElla May (Chipman) StoughUrias Calvin Stough
4613William Henry Orr25 Jan. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Lenore (Rittenhouse) OrrSylvanus Orr
4614female Garrison15 Feb. 1903, Littleton Tp.Jeanette (Farrar) GarrisonBert A. Garrison
4615Florence Mary Sorrells26 Jan. 1903, Littleton Tp.Mary F. (Black) SorrellsJoshua P. Sorrells
4616Martha Elizabeth Keeran20 Feb. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Sarah Ann (Stevens) KeeranWm. Keeran
4617Irma Tweedell25 Jan. 1903, near Plymouth, Ill.Louisa (Swicegood) TweedellSolomon Tweedell
4618female Robertson1 Aug. 1902, Browning Tp.Cora Belle (Haffner) RobertsonFred Robertson
Page 133
4619John Richmond Brown7 Feb. 1903, Browning Tp.Sadie (Kerbaugh) BrownMoses Richmond Brown
4620George William Brown16 Feb. 1903, Browning Tp.Zylphia Ellen (Hollingsworth) BrownWilliam Perry Brown
4621Ina Marie Thornton1 Feb. 1903, BrowningMartha Ellen (Thornton) ThorntonWm. S. Thornton
4622Johnny Bane Harris18 Jul. 1902, BrowningSarah (Norton) HarrisJohn Harris
4623Muriel Edith Cox5 Feb. 1903, Browning Tp.Sarah (Walton) CoxBenj. Cox
4624male Fleming7 Feb. 1903, BrowningDora (Hoke) FlemingHenry Fleming
4625Christine Fenton18 Feb. 1903, BrowningEstella (Anderson) FentonJames Fenton
4626Stella Malcomson12 Feb. 1903, Pleasant ViewAddie (Dunlap) MalcomsonJames Malcomson
4627Nancy Rachel Steele7 Feb. 1903, Pleasant ViewBertha Belle (Bestler) SteeleG. Burton Steele
4628Raymond Gerald Dean11 Feb. 1903, BirminghamMrs. Lona A. DeanChas. S. Dean
4629Charles Lester Perkins3 Mar. 1903, BadersMary Alice (Skiles) PerkinsAndrew J. Perkins
4630Clyde John Beam8 Mar. 1903, BadersAlvira May (Schisler) BeamThos. Jefferson Beam
4631female Dunn3 Mar. 1903, Pleasant ViewLula (Parks) DunnAlbert Dunn

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