Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 134 – 140

Page 134
4632Faye Alice Trone25 Feb. 1903, BrowningEffie (Skiles) TroneHenry Trone
4633Tilpha Florence Dodds13 Feb, 1903, PleasantviewLula (Herron) DoddsGrover Dodds
4634Edwin Stout6 Feb. 1903, CamdenFlora (Welty) StoutStillman Stout
4635Sadie Leona McQuade25 Feb. 1903, CamdenHettie Leora (Owens) McQuadeJames McQuade
4636Leon Glossop27 Feb. 1903, RushvilleNellie (Fowler) GlossopGeorge Glossop
4637male Kerr2 Mar. 1903, RushvilleAlice (Barnes) KerrFred Kerr
4638Eva Phillips1 Mar. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Dora (White) PhillipsHenry Phillips
4639Joseph Abraham Ewing25 Feb. 1903, Oakland Tp.Belle (Trone) EwingWm. Ewing
4640male Howe9 Mar. 1903, RushvilleDaisy P. (Garrison) HoweFrank Howe
4641Belle Lenore Hartzell5 Feb. 1903, Bluff CityMay (Schenk) HartzellWilliam Jacob Hartzell
4642male Ritchey28 Feb. 1903, Rushville Tp.Nora E. (Ashwood) RitcheyFred D. Ritchey
4643Della May Norton12 Mar. 1903, BrowningJennie Francis (Byers) NortonRobert Norton
4644Harry Benard Sherrill16 Mar. 1903, BrowningJessie (Markley) SherrillFrederick Sherrill
Page 135
4645Harold Eugene Moyer10 Mar. 1903, FrederickLaura B. (Gragg) MoyerArchie G. Moyer
4646John Spiller13 Feb. 1903, FrederickAnna (Bates) SpillerOliver Spiller
4647Rose Matilda Boehm26 Feb. 1903, RushvilleSophia (Thudium) BoehmWm. G. Boehm
4648female Callison25 Mar, 1903, CamdenMinnie (Merritt) CallisonCharles Callison
4649female Newell29 Mar. 1903Lillie (Valentine) NewellCharles Newell
4650Florence Elizabeth Hester5 Mar. 1903, CamdenCarrie Belle (Deane) HesterFrederick Hester
4651Irvin Wells4 Mar. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Lulu (Toland) WellsArthur Wells
4652male24 Oct. 1902, RushvilleMrs. CorbageClay Corbridge [sic]
4653female Roberts19 Oct. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Gertrude RobertsEmery Roberts
4654Ruby Mae Gabbert13 Oct. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Leota (Ambrosius) GabbertGeorge Gabbert
4655male Stover13 Oct. 1902, RushvilleIda StoverRobt. Stover
4656female Howell10 Oct. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Mary (Lawler) HowellFred Howell
4657Harriet Floy Munson29 Oct. 1902, RushvilleJennie C. (Cleary) MunsonH. O. Munson
Page 136
4658male Skiles22 Nov. 1902, RushvilleMary (Busby) SkilesJacob Skiles
4659Edna Bernice Esslinger12 Nov. 1902, RushvilleMrs. EsslingerH. G. Esslinger
4660Edgar Leslie King22 Dec. 1902, RushvilleMargaret (McFeeters) KingEdward King
4661Anna Mary Wells27 Dec. 1902, Littleton Tp.Martha Ann (Blodgett) WellsWilliam Wells
4662Alma Faye Pritchett19 Dec. 1902, RushvilleElsie (Furnace) PritchettEdward Pritchett
4663male Kindrick7 Jan. 1903, RushvilleMrs. KindrickEverette Kindrick
4664child Wardell8 Jan. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Ida (Tharp) WardellJas. Wardell
4665Francis Barker18 Jan. 1903, RushvilleMrs. BarkerArthur Barker
4666Harold Kenneth Dunn26 Jan. 1903, RushvilleAlva (Furnace) DunnJames Dunn
4667Thomas Clarence Haber28 Jan. 1903, RushvilleEmma (Miller) HaberJohn Haber
4668male Greer9 Feb. 1903, RushvilleNellie (Garlick) GreerGeo. Greer
4669male Phillips16 Feb. 1903, RushvilleMrs. PhillipsWm. Phillips
4670Esther Lorraine McQuead8 Feb. 1903, RushvilleBelle (Snorder) McQueadWarren McQuead
Page 137
4671male Ritchey1 Feb. 1903, RushvilleMrs. RitcheyJames Ritchey
4672Chester J. Roberts27 Mar. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Myra (Hetrick) RobertsHarry Roberts
4673male Parrott19 Mar. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Alice (Clarkson) ParrottW. J. Parrott
4674child Johnson12 Mar. 1903, RayMrs. JohnsonDaniel Johnson
4675Lois Velma Bartlett28 Mar. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Mary (Eifert) BartlettSamuel Bartlett
4676Lena Jane Danner7 Mar. 1903, Oakland Tp.Eliza Jane (Baumgartener) DannerJesse B. Danner
4677Mike Stambaugh1 Apr. 1903, Hickory Tp.Lavina Jane (Painter) StambaughCharles Stambaugh
4678Imo Mytella Walton7 Mar. 1903, Browning Tp.Laura Lucretia (Arnold) WaltonJohn Theo. Walton
4679Theis Winston [Raymond Roosevelt Winston]29 Mar. 1903, Browning Tp.Sarah Francis (Lindsay) WinstonCharles Frances Winston
4680Goldie Jolly25 Mar. 1903, BrowningZubah (Walton) JollyElias Jolly
4681Edna Francis Lung3 Apr. 1903Jessie (Bartlett) LungFrank Lung
4682Henry Lester Vanorder27 Mar. 1903, Oakland Tp.Alice (Montooth) VanorderThomas Vanorder
4683Hazel Gertrude Baxter20 Feb. 1903, Oakland Tp.Blanche (Chockley) BaxterJohn Baxter
Page 138
4684William Walter Vanorder22 Mar. 1903, Oakland Tp.Mary (Johnson) VanorderFrederick Vanorder
4685Amos Dale Walton8 Apr. 1903, Browning Tp.Lena (Geer) WaltonRaymond Walton
4686Glen Beebe17 Mar. 1903, Rushville Tp.Jessie (Fisher) BeebeJohn Beebe
4687male Walker24 Mar. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Sadie (Ashcraft) WalkerJas. Walker
4688male Mitchell27 Mar. 1903, Rushville Tp.Mary (Gapin) MitchellJohn Mitchell
4689Myrtle Ward9 Apr. 1903, Knapp’s IslandGrace (Gernning) WardJames Ward
4690female Hearl17 Mar. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Elizabeth (Haynes) HearlJohn Hearl
4691Sarah Margaret Hale27 Mar. 1903, RushvilleVirginia R. (Wright) HaleJohn Marvin Hale
4692female Moore2 Apr. 1903, BrooklynMattie Agnes (Roach) MooreArchibald Claudius Moore
4693male10 Apr. 1903, BrooklynElla May LadyNot yet determined
4694Edna Elbine Katzenberger23 Apr. 1903, near CamdenLizzie (Roberts) KatzenbergerCasper Katzenberger
4695Minnie Claire Carpenter9 Apr. 1903, near WaylandMertie Olive (Tribbey) CarpenterJohn Harvey Carpenter
4696female Cunningham7 Apr. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Louise (Hodge) CunninghamEd. Cunningham
Page 139
4697Chester Allison Sargent4 Apr. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Martha (Young) SargentJas. Sargent
4698female Abbott20 Apr. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Mrs. E. T. AbbottE. T. Abbott
4699Dudley Walter Martin24 Apr. 1903, RushvilleNettie (Preckwinkle) MartinWalter C. Martin
4700Nellie Shields11 Apr. 1903, RushvilleFlorence (Markee) ShieldsWarren Shields
4701male Daniels18 Apr. 1903, Littleton Tp.Mary Ellen (Van Winkle) DanielsCharles Daniels
4702Mary Elizabeth Moore12 Apr. 1903, RayMary Elizabeth (Lambert) MooreSolomon C. Moore
4703George Madison Dodds12 Apr. 1903, Pleasant ViewMargaret (Bellomy) DoddsOren E. Dodds
4704male Price30 Mar. 1903, RushvilleElla (Hignight) PriceLeonard Price
4705James Harold Dean17 Apr. 1903, RushvilleEffie Florence (Ridings) DeanMichael Jefferson Dean
4706Charles Croxton29 Apr. 1903, Pleasant ViewMyra (Spoonamoore) CroxtonLeonard Croxton
4707female Angell4 May 1903, Browning Tp.Carrie (Hesler) AngellJoseph Angell
4708Mildred Leila Burkholder14 May 1903, BrowningAlma Louise (Markley) BurkholderJohn Burkholder
4709Lora Agans9 May 1903, Camden Tp.Carrie (Estus) AgansJohn Agans
Page 140
4710Allen Curry Agans19 May 1903, ErwinEstella Eldula (Curry) AgansHenry Isaac Agans
4711Moylan Audra Benson30 Apr. 1903, Littleton Tp.Ida May (Hightower) BensonWm. Henry Benson
4712Edna Maxine Nell6 May 1903, RushvilleSarah Eleanor (Young) NellJames Herbert Nell
4713Reva May Spiller9 Apr. 1903, Pleasant ViewMamie (Turner) SpillerMarcus Spiller
4714Olive Annette Hamilton24 May 1903, FrederickSylvia T. (Suddeth) HamiltonJohn W. Hamilton
4715Clyde Raymond Tucker13 May 1903Lucy Bell (Sheals) TuckerGeorge W. Tucker
4716Alice Wilhelmina Grosclaude18 May 1903, Woodstock Tp.Elsie May (Hetrick) GrosclaudeChas. C. Grosclaude
4717male Roudebush11 May 1903, Rushville Tp.June (Hindman) RoudebushHenry Lee Roudebush
4718Herman Lee Quinn5 May 1903, Buenavista Tp.Ruella (Furnace) QuinnNorton Quinn
4719Vera Isabel Rittenhouse15 May 1903, Woodstock Tp.Amelia (Schramm) RittenhouseF. Chalmer Rittenhouse
4720Lora Harris11 May 1903, RayEtna G. (Bly) HarrisWm. S. Harris
4721male Kemble6 May 1903Vera (Toland) KembleFrank Kemble
4722male Toland29 May 1903Liza (Mittleton) TolandMilton Toland

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