Schuyler County, Illinois
Birth Records

The following birth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Birth Records, Book 2, 1885-1903, Pages 141 – 145

Page 141
4723Alvin Marve Galliher11 Apr. 1903, Oakland Tp.Anna (Kemble) GalliherAlbert Galliher
4724Lillian Angell27 May 1903, Pleasant ViewNotie (Holmes) AngellOtto Angell
4725male Young27 May 1903, Littleton Tp.Anna Hazel (Stambaugh) YoungWm. Thomas Young
4726female Bauer5 May 1903, Oakland Tp.Charlotte (Jones) BauerAdam Bauer
4727Ansel Gilbert Burton8 Mar. 1903Neva DanielsArthur Burton
4728Albert Leslie Legg18 Mar. 1903, Littleton Tp.Kate (Morgan) LeggJas. Legg
4729Frederick Alvin Phillips18 May 1903, RushvilleDaisy Bell PhillipsJames Louderman
4730female Bray7 Jun. 1903, LaytonMaggie Bell (Thompson) BrayAlbert Bray
4731Stella Myrtle Fourdyce26 May 1903, RushvilleAlice (Vossell) FourdyceWm. T. Fourdyce
4732Russell Angel Grafton22 May 1903, Camden Tp.Mandy Maud (Tweedell) GraftonRolland Grafton
4733Lloyd Stambaugh19 May 1903, Browning Tp.Vista (Campbell) StambaughAlvin Stambaugh
4734George W. Matheny29 May 1903, LittletonAlice P. (Campbell) MathenyAndrew J. Matheny
4735female Cleavenger8 Jun. 1903, Littleton Tp.Lizzie (Neidy) CleavengerFrank Cleavenger
Page 142
4736Ruth Eleanor Wells15 Jun. 1903, Littleton Tp.Pearl (Wheat) WellsRoss Wells
4737Mabel Lois McMillen25 May 1903, Oakland Tp.Myra V. (Rose) McMillenGilbert McMillen
4738male Schramm12 Jun. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Mary C. (Dace) SchrammCharles W. Schramm
4739Lillian Esther Smith27 May 1903, RayMyrtle E. (France) SmithBen. Smith
4740Charles Harold Bacon7 Jun. 1903, Birmingham Tp.Lulu (Groves) BaconWilliam Bacon
4741male Sims21 May 1903, Huntsville Tp.Nellie Myrtle Simsunknown
4742Gladys Louisa Deweese19 Jun. 1903Eliza Jane (Stephens) DeweeseSamuel Deweese
4743Nora Olive Mercer11 Jun. 1903, BrowningRuth (Justus) MercerWm. Henry Mercer
4744Otto Vern Harris22 Jun. 1903, BrowningMary Jane (Markley) HarrisJohn Oliver Harris
4745Goldie Ann Ketchum22 May 1903, Pine GroveAnna (Moss) KetchumWm. Jacob Ketchum
4746male Clark14 Jun. 1903, Pine GroveMaggie (Knight) ClarkWilliam Clark
4747Edward Tipton Knapp10 Jun. 1903, RushvilleMary J. (Tipton) KnappJames V. Knapp
4748Beam McLaren11 Jun. 1903Laura (Beam) McLarenEdgar McLaren
Page 143
4749Lewis Bernard Van Winkle11 Jun. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Lillie Agnes (Green) Van WinkleHenry Earl Van Winkle
4750Harry M. Cowdery2 Jul. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Lydia Elsie (Shanks) CowderyWm. Cowdery
4751Henry Beam Wilcox2 Jul. 1903, FrederickLucinda (Norton) WilcoxWm. Wilcox
4752Everette Widener21 May 1903, BirminghamMinnie (Griffith) Widner [sic]Will Widener
4753Donald Manlove10 Jun. 1903, BirminghamMina (Raymond) ManloveWill Manlove
4754female Hanrath15 Jul. 1903, RushvilleEthel May (Shields) HonrathJohn Holner Hanrath
4755male Young10 Jul. 1903, RushvilleFrancis (Patterson) YoungJames Henry Young
4756male Knowles5 Jul. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Eva (Walker) KnowlesHiram Knowles
4757female Gust2 Jul. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Donna (Curry) GustHenry Gust
4758Ora Lee Little17 Jul. 1903, CamdenMary (Cray) LittleCornelius Little
4759female Reed23 Jun. 1903, Oakland Tp.Laura (Fisk) ReedWm. Reed
4760male Vancil22 Jun. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Rosanna (Kelly) VancilBenj. F. Vancil
4761Delano Cleveland Heitz15 Jul. 1903, RushvilleEllen (Portwood) HeitzChristian Heitz
Page 144
4762female Gossage11 Jul. 1903, Frederick Tp.Ethel Gertrude (Thompson) GossageCurtis C. Gossage
4763Ada Marie Bates20 Jul. 1903, Browning Tp.Pearl (Haffner) BatesCharles Leigh Bates
4764John Earle Bartlett28 Jun. 1903, Browning Tp.Mary (Frew) BartlettClyde Berlin Bartlett
4765Walter Franklyn Mitchell27 Jul. 1903, BrowningSarah Ann (Anderson) MitchellFrank Sherman Mitchell
Alva Lee Skiles6 Nov. 1901, BrowningDorcas (Anderson) SkilesDouglas Lee Skiles
Harvey Spiva7 Oct. 1900, RushvilleMary Jane (Pelton) SpivaFrancis Marion Spiva
Emery E. Stoner24 Aug. 1900, BirminghamEffie (Mancer) StonerEdward Stoner
Elmer F. Martin10 June 1901, RushvilleMrs. Julia (White) ClaytonFrank Martin
Harland E. Robinson1 Jul. 1901, RushvilleMrs. Mae (Toy) KerlinEd Robinson
Fred L. McNett7 Nov. 1901, BirminghamLillie (Palmer) McNettAlbert McNett
George Dewey Cook6 Jul. 1898, Oakland Tp.Julia G. SimpsonJohn Irwin Cook
Francis James Thomas27 Jan. 1904Lillie (Miller) ThomasBert Thomas
Earl Thomas12 Aug. 1903, RushvilleJulie (Ebey) ThomasJames Thomas
Page 145
Charles Webster Taylor6 Sep. 1897, RushvilleMartha Agnes (Narding) TaylorWalter W. Taylor
James Elmer Lawler24 Aug. 1891, RushvilleJosina Marid (Noble) LawlerJames Alexander Lawler
Cheever Griffin Carter16 Nov. 1889, FrederickDella (Carter) BradleyE. M. Bradley
Leander H. Ward, Jr.24 Mar. 1898, Bainbridge Tp.Catherine (Lenover) WardE. L. Ward
Fred L. McNett17 Nov. 1901, BirminghamLillie (Palmer) McNettAlbert McNett
Regnal M. Dace27 May 1900, Woodstock Tp.Cora (Tharp) DaceJames V. Dace
Oneda M. Hoke12 Nov. 1899, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Harris) HokeCharles Hoke
Harold M. Schuman9 Sep. 1901, BaderBertha B. (Venters) SchumanNoah Schuman
Clinton Wesley Gorsuch17 Nov. 1902, Oakland Tp.Mrs. Alzina P. GorsuchLarkin M. Gorsuch

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